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The Reform Act bill


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In Parliament today, submitted as a private member's bill by Conservative MP Michael Chong. It's getting some interesting support across parties.

With Parliament being as F*cked as it has been of late, and Harper's iron grip on things (slipping a bit), I would welcome this change.

Not that I'm desperate to see any change or anything :p

The Reform Act, 2013
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So it appears that both Trudeau and Mulcair are ok with it, and their party members will be able to vote freely. Elizabeth May supports it as well.

Lots of support across all parties; Harper was off somewhere avoiding questions for a change.

Did anyone see Rick Mercer last night? His ads were priceless:
"Paul Calandra's Obfuscation, the scent that tells you nothing" or some such words
And his Christmas Negativity scene, with 12 figurines representing those who know about the Mike Duffy payment :)


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I was somewhat bemused to see that Duffy had open heart surgery this week... no doubt thanking his lucky starts that the Senate medical benefits were still extended to him.
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Haha thats probably a very reliable litmus test: the Constanza-Levant principle of Canadian political interpretation...