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The Prophecy 89.5 7 year anniversary party


TRIBE Member
On Thursday February 21st 2002

Most Wanted Entertainment and Jedi Records are pleased to announce:

The Prophecy 89.5 7 year anniversary party

With your hosts

Prime and Marcus
w/ Dj Ra and Mc Nai
$8 B4 midnight
$10 after

@ Silk........succulent drum and bass
The Living Room
330 adelaide street

ecstasy riot

TRIBE Member
Prophecy has always been 'rinsing it out'

I've yet to see Prime dj, somehow always missing it, but what he has brought forth on 89.5 has always been amazing.


big - big - big UPS to tha prophecy crew! congrats for keepin jungle runnin oon the airwaves propa! :eek:

Dr. Grinch

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Well I went to this show on a work night, and I am officially dead freakin tired. It was a wicked time though. :)

Shout outs to the Bar Tender who was having more fun than anyone else in the building, that guy rocks the fucking planet. Hehe

Anyone else check this out last night?
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