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The Pro Wrestling thread.

Subsonic Chronic

TRIBE Member
A'ight, this one is long overdue.

Reading a thread about the MMA's fighter of the year got me thinking about my favourite pro-wrestling matches of the year, and realising that the WWE has gone seriously downhill in 2004.

Thinking only of WWE matches, my favourite match of theirs so far was the HHH/Michaels/Benoit match at WM20 that saw Benoit finally get the strap.

Besides this though, it's been a shitty year of boring champs (HHH & JBL), a very underwhelming SummerSlam in Toronto, the horrible Diva Search contest, the Lita/Kane pregnancy angle, and so much more that I'd rather forget.

Granted, the low quality of the WWE product kept me from ordering most of their PPVs (and instead spending that money on UFC & Pride shows), but from what I've read, it doesn't sound like I've missed out on much.

However... on the bright side, ROH seems to still be putting on consistently good shows, and as soon as the Samoa Joe vs. C.M. Punk match from 10/16/04 comes out on DVD (maybe a week or two), I'll be ordering it right away. Most people who have seen this match are giving it their nod for MOTY, and Dave Meltzer from Wrestling Observer rated this a very rare 5 stars.

If any of you are fans of high workrate wrestling, storylines that don't insult the intelligence of the fans, and matches of a caliber that you just don't see on TV these days, I would *highly* recommend ordering some DVD's from the rohwrestling.com website. I discovered this indy federation a year or two ago, and have been extremely pleased with everything I've seen from them.


Vote Quimby

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Had to admit that Monday's RAW was pretty good. Especially the Fatal 3 way between Edge, Benoit and HHH. Things have been a bit more entertaining with Bischoff gone for the month and Orton's team running the show. The whole Evolution shtick has gotten really old.

At least Edge is now champ. Kind of.

Smackdown is still better. The cruiserweights or always fun to watch.

And if you like Mexican rassling, TLN shows rasslin from down south every friday night at 12 or 12:30am.

Subsonic Chronic

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Originally posted by Vote Quimby
And if you like Mexican rassling, TLN shows rasslin from down south every friday night at 12 or 12:30am.
Yes!! It gets replayed on Saturday afternoons too.

It's pretty fun to watch, and to listen to as well. So many roled r's from those Spanish announcers. :)

I actually haven't been watching too much Raw or Smackdown lately, but heard that Monday's show was alright.


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Well it about time this tread got started. I have to admit wrestling has gone downhill - where have all the tech wrestlers gone with personalities. It seems you can either wrestle (benoit) and have no mike skills or have mike skills and can't wrestle.

WWE is nothing without the ROCK best of both worlds.

And the taker has to go all the way back to his original gimick. Best ever next to PAPA Shango!!

they should bring back the spot lights too like pipers pit and Dr. Love but with todays stars.

Seems weak without a another association like WCE though.

Subsonic Chronic

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Oh, here's a funny piece of news that will probably get shown on Smackdown tonight. Apparently the plan with the latest Tough Enough contest is to have the two finalists face each other in a legit fight (boxing rules) at the next PPV.

Talk about a stupid idea that has so much potential to backfire.

First of all, that the last time Vince tried to introduce shoot fighting in the WWE, it tanked miserably. Anyone remember the Brawl for All? It sank because you can't work the results, and the results can often turn unfavourable to the worked angles that you might be running. Just loko at who won Brawl for All? It was Bart Gunn, a mid-carder who had been living in the shadow of Billy Gunn. And what was his reward? He got to have his ass handed to him by Butterbean at the PPV.

Secondly, and most importantly, there's huge potential that either of these two innexperienced guys gets hurt. They're both being sent out in front of a huge crowd, and basically being told to fight each other for a shot at the WWE. I don't know if they're doing this on purpose to favour Puder, who has a legit MMA backround (he locked the kimura on Angle in their shoot wrestling match a few weeks ago!), or what... but it's incredibly stupid and Vince should know better.

Subsonic Chronic

TRIBE Member
It's not the same Tough Enough. :(
They do segments on Smackdown and the audience votes for who they like best. They just have the guys come out and do stupid shit in front of the crowd, and each week they eliminate one of them.

They certainly haven't gone through the same training that they used to put the Tough Enough contestants through.

Big Boss

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Originally posted by Sugar D
anyone remember this guy?

He is a fucking moron. His testimony (he hates Vince McMahon so much) actually kept Vince McMahon from going to jail. What an idiot.

Subsonic Chronic

TRIBE Member
Did anybody catch the NWA:TNA PPV last night?

Some reports I've read said that the cage match was fantastic and saved the show, but others weren't heaping on the praise quite as much.