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The Power of Forums and Kind Hearted People


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I am posting this on behalf of my son whom you see coming to visit this great site as fruit_loops. My son is 13 years old and very sick. He wants to play paintball but his disease wouldn't allow him. His friends play paintball while he is left at home in the mercy of pain.

Ever since he registered with this great site, no day would pass without him checking what's new with paintball in Canada. He reads them, both of us actually, and finds fun in reading them. He loves clicking on the flags to change provincial locations. He boasts of being able to know what's happening in paintball in different provinces just by clicking the flags. He loves looking at your markers tirelessly in the showcase.

2 nights ago, he checked the Live Chat feature but I remember him saying nobody was online. Then suddenly "Welcome" was sounded from his speakers. It was the Support Crew. Then they started chatting. The guy from the other end asked him how he was doing and my little man answered, "I have a headache". I remember the guy asking him questions about how frequent his headache occurs, what type of pain, what his age was and whether he has seizures. My son answered them truthfully. Then, the guy asked him if he was taking medicines and if he is, what medicines were they. My son listed his medicines then suddenly the guy said ... "You must be very sick buddy. Are you on chemo?" I started to wonder, how come a computer guy can be conversant in the medical field, too. Their conversation became so interesting until the guy said: "Correct me if I'm wrong and you may not answer my question if you wish. Did your doctor tell you that your seizures is caused by meningioma?" That totally stopped my heart and my suspicion that he might be a medical professional was proven right. A computer guy knows medical diagnosis just by interviewing? I thought, only kids use this site.

The guy asked my son if he can ask permission from me to phone him. Thinking why not, I gave our number. We had a chat and he was such a nice guy. Changing topics, he asked what presents he received for Christmas. Then asked my son what he wanted that he didn't get. He replied: "xbox. My nintendo is too old". The guy casually said, you'll have it pretty soon, don't worry. My 13-year old kid replied: I will work for it when I get well.

About 1 'o clock this afternoon, a lady knocked on our door with a big gift nicely wrapped. I asked where it came from and she answered me: open the box when I leave. At the sight of the big present, my poor son whispered: "this is the biggest present I have ever received". The lady introduced herself as "Stacey". According to her, they got our address from our phone number then left while we were still at the door.

When we opened the present, it's an XBOX! I found myself lost in tears while my son was so amused. I thought it was from a relative. It came complete with everything he needs: a wireless router, a wireless xbox adapter, 2 wireless controllers, 2 headsets, a prepaid xbox Live subscription for 1 year and 10 DVD games. More tears flowed from my eyes, I will never afford to buy my son these stuff. A card was enclosed: "This must be your missing gift. I hope this takes some of your pain away. It's all wireless so you won't bother getting up just to play. A technician will come by your place and hook you up with high-speed internet and make sure that you will be playing your xbox before the day ends. Tell your mom not to worry about anything. I already created your Gamer Tag and I will play online against you soon. Be sure to beat me. Get well buddy. Be strong. I'll always remember you. Pdx.Sierra (xtremepaintballcanada.com)". He was the guy my son had a chat with and must be one of the Support Crew.

About 3 'o clock, the technician came and brought with him a high-speed modem and hooked my little man's xbox and fixed our computer. With just a phone call the technician made, we got upgraded from dial-up to broadband prepaid for one year. He played a game with him before he left. He requested to keep the identities of everyone involved.

I'm in tears. I definitely am. We will never forget your kindness, sir. Please call us back. Thank you thank you. May the Lord help you and keep you safe always.

To you all who participate in this site, thank you. You all help ease the pain and hardships my son is suffering day in and day out. Thank you. Happy holidays everyone.

This was a post made by user "fruit_loops" mother on the Vancouver Paintball Forums

More can be read there, including how she lost him 10 days later.

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that 420 guy

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just amazing.

thanks for posting it rob. online tribes are pretty daam mindblowing...its amazing how many lives have changed through keystrokes and a passion for what they love.


- that <screen name> guy :cool:


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Great to hear, and sad to hear at the same time.

Reminds me of the thread on here, where someone asked about the best gift you've ever recieved... and I replied.

"A smile on a 7 year old's face" and it's so true...

It's good to know there's still great people on this planet.

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Smiley Jo

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Oh my god, i'm bawling.

That's so unbelievable.


Evil Dynovac

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Originally posted by Astroboy
...including how she lost him 10 days later.

did fruit_loops pass away.

I couldn't find anything pertaining to this. Could you link where this update was posted, or what page it is on.
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PDX.Sierra's post script:

"If sometimes you feel insignificant, useless, offended and depressed, always remember that you were once the fastest and most victorious sperm in your group"
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Cheer Bear

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They gave him a ride in a hummer limo and a helicopter ride to the hospital.

wow. i don't know how long i can read this for.
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Support Crew: Of all names, why'd you choose fruit_loops?
fruit_loops: lol I got so thin and kinda like rubbery after my chemo and the doctors tease me by twisting me into loops. beside fruit loops is my favourite cerial


its a really touching story. at first i was a bit skeptical, but there's enough documentation there to convince me. (my finger is tired from all that scrolling)

there are currently 7 topics related to the story in:


thanks for the link Astroboy.


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That is so amazing!!!

Its so easy to forget that there is goodness in the world, thanx for the reminder.


Eccentric (LRG)

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awe I have tears in my eyes.

It's people and situations like this that remind me why humanity isn't always so bad.. Some people really do care and will go out of their way to help someone else out.


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