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The Philadelphia and Montauk experiments - TWA 800..fact or fiction?

Cheap Ego

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**heavy reading alert**

I've just started reading quite a few web-docs about The Philadelphia experiment, Montauk Project and TWA Flight 800. All in all, it's very interesting, though a little hard to swallow. Just curious if any has done extensive reading on these topics and what might be some good reading. Or if, for that matter, it's just a bunch of Mulder-loving conspiracy fabrication. Any opinions?

For those not so familliar with the above stated, here's some reading to summarize, taken from:

Project: Rainbow
The true objective of this experiment was to make the ship totally invisible to radar, there was a drastic and unexpected side effect. The ship became invisible to the eye, and was removed from time and space as we know it. It was a breakthrough in technology, but a catastrophe to the men involved. Sailors were transported out of this dimension and were returned in a state of complete horror and mental disorder. It is also rumored that some of the sailors returned planted into the bulkhead of the ship itself

Project: Phoenix
Project Phoenix was supposedly the follow-up research for Project Rainbow...With these resources Dr. von Neumann attempted to couple computer technology with sophisticated radio equipment in an attempt to link people's minds with machines...Project Phoenix obtained a superior knowledge of the workings of the human mind, it also opened up the possibility of human mind control. When a full report was submitted to Congress, they ordered the project disbanded for the fear of having their own minds controlled.

The Montauk Project
After Congress ordered the project disbanded, several private groups attempted to seduce the military with the idea that this technology could be used to control an enemies mind during warfare. Finally, a secret group with a lot of financial resources and a tie with the military decided to set up a research facility at Camp Hero, a derelict Air Force base (Montauk Point, NY). They made this choice based on the fact that the base contained a large Sage radar antenna (See above picture), which emitted a frequency of about 400-425 Megahertz (Coincidentally the same band used to enter the human mind). Camp Hero was reactivated during the late 1960's (despite lack of military funding) and by 1972, the Montauk Project was fully operation. Massive mind control experiments began on humans, and any other animal deemed to have consciousness...By developing the psychic ability of some of the personal, they eventually came to the point where they could amplify the psychic's thoughts. During this amplification, the psychics could create matter and manifest illusions. Through further study and the hypothesis that one could bend time itself, the Montauk project opened the first time portal. The Montauk project finally reached the climax in which they opened a time vortex back to 1943 and the original Philadelphia Experiment
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Ditto Much

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Its a load of shit!!!

Sorry Dr. John von Neumann, worked on missiles and nuclear bombs. Manhattan Project yes but much further than that is just conspiracy theory.


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Omega: When did you first realize you were a 'Montauk survivor'?

Damian: Well, yer see, at first I didn't, it was, yer know, supressed.

Omega: So the memories came later?

Damian: Yeah sure, after I went to Doris for my hynosis sessions.

Omega: What happened during the sessions?

Damian: I would lie down and Doris would lead me into a deep trance. Suddenly the memories came back.

Omega: What did you remember?

Damian: I remembered being tied to a chair in a room that was decorated with animal print paper on the walls. It was all dark except for a fiqure who came towards me. He was a large round fiqure who smelled real bad. I could hear his heavy breathing and he was wearing a reptile suit.

Omega: A reptile suit?

Damian: Like the kind you find in a secondhand store. All green and scaly lookin.

Omega: You must have been scared?

Damian: For sure, I went into a deep supressed sub-personality of myself. It was in that sub-personality I worked on the Elridge.

Omega: You mean, are you saying you were involved directly with the Philadelphia Experiment?

Damian: Gee, sure I was, show me a Montauk survivor who wasn't.

Omega: What happened on the Eldrige?

Damian: I was told to go to the main control room with my brother Edwin and we were to switch the machine on to make the ship invisible.

Omega: You mean invisible to radar?

Damian: No, really invisible, to the eye. We went down into the room and Edwin said "Damian, this is sure one doddlelacking piece of horseshit, lets jump ship". I kinda agreed with him but felt a duty to Dr Rinehart. So when Edwin weren't lookin I pulled the switch and ran out of the room after him. Edwin jumped overboard and he pulled me over too.

Omega: What happened then?

Damian: Well, damnit, if we didn't end up in 1983.

Omega: You jumped overboard as the ship was becoming invisible and ended up in 1983, where did you arrive?

Damian: A parking lot.

Omega: It wasn't near the site of the original ship then?

Damian: Oddly enough no. It was dark and I had vomited, must have been the time travelin' that did it. I was more worried about Edwin.

Omega: Why was that?

Damian: He wasn't there no more.

Omega: What do you think had happened to him?

Damian: At the time I didn't have a geewacking idea, hey it was like shit in tree out there. I found him later that month.

Omega: Where did you find him, and how?

Damian: I had seen an advertisement for a talk being given by a Preston Nichols.

Omega: Yes of course, Preston.

Damian: I went along to the talk and I was mightily impressed. I was sitting next to a man and we got to talking. He was tellin me about how since he had read the Montauk Project books and come to Preston's talks he had not been the same since. His wife had left him and he was stopped from seeing his kids. It was weird, cos that had happened to me too.

Omega: But didn't you say you only arrived in 1983 a month before?

Damian: Yeah sure, but this was 1995.

Omega: I see. So you recognised this man to be your brother Edwin?

Damian: I knew right away.

Omega: Because he looked exactly the same?

Damian: No, no, boy, Edwin had been white and this guy was black. It was because he knew many things about the same experiences as myself.

Omega: Wouldn't it have been difficult for you to believe this guy was your brother as you are white and he was black?

Damian: Why no, he had been placed into a different body when he had arrived in 1983.

Omega: How did they do that?

Damian: Edwin, who is now called Alan, was regressed to the age of three days. In this state they slipped him out of his 'Edwin' body, and into his 'Alan' body.

Omega: How did he cope with his new identity, where did he live? Didn't you also mention he had kids and his wife had divorced him?

Damian: Yeah. Yer see, he had lived as Alan before he was Edwin in 1983. He just caught up with himself as Alan after 1983.

Omega: So Alan was alive before 1983?

Damian: Oh yeah, he was 46 years old in 1983.

Omega: What happened to your original families, did they try and find you?

Damian: They had their memories wiped after we jumped ship.

Omega: You must have been tempted to go and see them?

Damian: No, not really, I had no memory of them.

Omega: What happened after you found your brother Edwin, Alan?

Damian: We decided to go back to the base and find out what had happened.

Omega: Why did you decide to do that?

Damian: We both had the next weekend free.

Omega: Were you worried about being picked up out there?

Damian: Oh no, they never bother guys in pairs.

Omega: But there have been many people who claim they have been told to get off the base by security.

Damian: Security, gee I thought you meant the pink montauk 'boys' that hang out there.

Omega: Back to your plans about going to the Montauk base. You had memories of being there before?

Damian: Yes, after Alan and me gone there that weekend. We came to an empty building and I said to Alan, "Gee, it would be nice and quiet in there, no one around to see or anything". So we went into the building and I started to feel dizzy.

Omega: What was happening?

Damian: I sat down and vomited. Then Alan set the video up on the tripod and I hung up the lights and set up the chairs .

Omega: You had a video set up?

Damian: Yeah, it became an underground classic.

Omega: What did you find out?

Damian: We needed better equipment. But hey, like Alan said "They never gonna believe it if is too glossy"

Omega: What did you find out about your past involvement with the project?

Damian: Oh that, well, gee it was all so hazy, but as I was doing the video with Alan I passed out and remembered the beast incident.

Omega: The beast incident?

Damian: It all happened back in 1983. I had just returned from 1943 and was tired. I sat down in a chair and laid back. Next, this fat guy comes in wearing a disgusting pullover. He says, "Lie back Damian" I was shocked, he knew my name. So I did as he said while he strapped me in, then I vomited.

Omega: Was the chair, the actual now famous Montauk chair as seen in the Peter Moon book?

Damian: Yeah, but less comfortable.

Omega: What happened next?

Damian: The guy in the shit pullover went over to a machine and turned all the dials all the way round. There was a red one that was labelled 'Danger', I couldn't believe it when he turned that one around to 10.

Omega: Did he tell you what he was doing?

Damian: No, but I could hear him humming to himself.

Omega: Do you know what he was humming?

Damian: 'Riders on the Storm' I think.

Omega: The Doors?

Damian: No that came later.

Omega: After he turned the dials what happened?

Damian: I felt my whole body change, the waves of a 4500Mhz bi-wave go over me with a sub atomic polyutherua flatbass. The air turned all the colors of the rainbow and the sky turned black. My head started to freeze and I managed to pull my self from the chair. I was naked as the day I was born, and my dick was rigid with the electrodes, my muscles ached, my mouth bled, my eyes watered. The hairs on the back of my neck stood up, I was spinning at the speed of light and sound at the same time, but in the opposite direction.

Omega: Then what happened?

Damian: I vomited. Oh and I released a beast from the pits of hell.

Omega: What happened to the guy in the pullover?

Damian: He disappeared.

Omega: Where to?

Damian: It is funny you should ask me that question.

Omega: Why?

Damian: He appeared again three hours later in a different pullover.

Omega: After the beast 'escaped' what did you do?

Damian: We went back to our trailer.

Omega: Did you go back to the base?

Damian: Yeah sure.

Omega: Why?

Damian: The first video was selling so well, there was a demand for it.

Omega: Demand?

Damian: For the second video.

Omega: Has being a Montauk survivor affected your life?

Damian: Only since about 1993.

Omega: What are your plans now?

Damian: I have been doing a lot of remote viewing for the IRS, some freelance for some major publications and I have a book coming out next year.

Omega: Isn't is risky for you to work for those people?

Damian: It's strange, kinda an unspoken deal. I do some work for them and they let me live.

Omega: They don't mind you writing a book about your experiences?

Damian: I use a different name for my books.

Omega: Are you worried they might find out? Recognise the details in your books and identify them with you?

Damian: No, cos I change all the names, places, dates, events, and facts.

Omega: Thank you Damian, I know it must have been hard for you to talk about your experiences, I know it was sure hard to listen to them.

Will we ever find out the true extent of how many Montauk survivors there really are out there? Maybe not, but as long as there are people like Damian who tell their stories, we can be sure there will be many more to come.
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Cheap Ego

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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by junglisthead:
twa 800 was a terrorist attack from..........yep you guessed it the american military


This was one of the stories I found about TWA 800:


again... grain of salt stuff, but 'tis another perspective. The whole US missle accident coverup up is sooo mainstream

Sporty Dan

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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by Cheap Ego:
Project: Rainbow

The true objective of this experiment was to make the ship totally invisible to radar, there was a drastic and unexpected side effect. The ship became invisible to the eye, and was removed from time and space as we know it.

Yeah..... that;s possible......



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you gotta laugh at that guy's page [see link above]... they're supposedly pictures of camp hero there but down at the bottom i recognize the very distinctive al-e-inn located not so far from area 51 in nevada... conspiracy guys can be such idiots at times! sure that's a bunker where your friend was sodomized by a giant cow carcass. smoke jib no!