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The Phat Conductor - Live @ Shambhala 05


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Live from the Fractal Forest at Shambhala 05

The Phat Conductor - Live at Shambhala 05

Deep in the mountains of British Columbia, thousands of freaks gather every year for the legendary Shambhala Music Festival, a feast beyond your imagination, it simply has to be experienced. I was lucky enough to be invited to play set at 4 am on the last night of the festival on a stage
called the Fractal Forest: 12 projection screens, a laser spewing pyramid, more sound that you should probably ever assemble in one place, and a DJ booth built into a 30 foot tree stump. Here are some pictures, but they really don't do it justice. I will never EVER miss another year of this festival. It truly is mind blowing,



Bassbin Twins 99 Intro
Audio Bullies vs FCC vs Nine Inch Nails
Amon Tobin - Verbal (Bassnectar Remix)
Tipper - Gong Show
Method Man vs Prodigy
Bassnectar - The SHIT
Tipper - Leaning is Remembering
Tipper - Run
The Nam Shub of Enki - Pregnant with Ooze
Bassnectar - Wicked
James Brown - Payback Megamix
Doom Selector - Broken Joint
A-Skills + Krafty Kuts - Simple Things vs Parliament - Flashlight
Beck - High 5 w. Dubplate Culture (beats only)
Baobinga Dancehall monster
Armand Van Helden vs Dee-Light vs Tori Amos Remix
Tower of Power - Taxed to the Max
Tower of Power - Only So Much Oil
Myagi - Les Beats (Beatles vs Beastie Boys)
Price Cuts - That's Right
Price Cuts - That's Right (Dave Dub + The Phat Conductor Remix)
Rawhill Cru - Jungle Ain't Selling (Dave Dub + The Phat Conductor Remix)
The Phat Conductor - Garage Sale Symphony
The Phat Conductor - We Want Your Stereostar
The Phat Conductor + Bassnectar - Unfinished Akira Tune
Jelo + the Phat Conductor - Dance Dance Dance
The Phat Conductor - Ice-9
Yusuf Akhtar - Think It's Time (beats + vocals only)
Plump Djs - Get Kinky w. Bassbin Twins vs Czech - Raver's Delight (vocals
Dave Dub + The Phat Conductor - Cannibal Orgy
Guru + the Roots - Lift Your Fist (Wayward Soul Bootleg)
Myagi - Give Me All Your Beer and Women (Scissorkicks Remix)
Public Enemy - Welcome to the Terrordome (T-Power Remix, Stabilizer Edit)
Bassnectar - Taurine Thruster
Bassnectar - Simultaneous
Flore - Bhangra Remix
Koma and Bones - Powercut (Remix)


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you mixed the whole set with live and a couple controllers it appears ?? looks like fun.... especially with breaks and all the samples you can drop in...

vancouver mountain parties are the best... especially with the lights reflecting off the mountain on either side of you...*where I was anyway.*

that welcome to the terrordome mix is pretty cool too..

what's the skinny on that ?
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Sick Pics
I don't listen to this gnere of music too often buy because of where it was and ur probably a good guy im gona pretend I actually made it out this year

Buddy Holly

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really good set. I can only imagine the amount of energy coming from the crowd as you played this set. It must have been a real trip.

Great work!!


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that night and weekend and set were AMAZING :)
i don't want to miss another shambala either...at least not for many years


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just saw this. gimme like 8 hours and ill let ya know what do i think (i alredy know ima like it, lets just make sure lol)


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Originally posted by sarafina
that night and weekend and set were AMAZING :)
i don't want to miss another shambala either...at least not for many years
The set was fantastic, as was the entire weekend. Looking forward to next year :)


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god bless you and yer funky ways man !

p.s. when im 98 i'll still be listenin' to the sound of the beastie boys


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thanks for all the support guys. glad you appreciate the set.

Originally posted by ludikris
that welcome to the terrordome mix is pretty cool too..

what's the skinny on that ?
came out on vinyl a while back as a t-power remix of PE. then stabilizer made an edit and added some funkier percussion. that's the version i play and it never came out.

Originally posted by Red Star Rising
When are you spinning in TO?
i play mostly out of town gigs these days, but i still play in toronto every now and then. you can join my mailing list to keep informed. i am playing an experimental/industrial/breakcore/dnb set at the waterfall lounge soon (there are free samosas) and i have a couple breaks things in the pipes that are not yet confirmed. you can also check the news page at www.thephatconductor.com


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