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the perpetual tunes yer diggin thread


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Murk - Time (Chable Remix)

Spektrum - Kinda New EP (Tiefschwarz Dub B1)

Valentino - flying (sultan and the greek dub mix) (heard the dub for the first time)

Hybrid - Im Still Awake (Planet Funk Mix)


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Benz and MD - ONERIC

hellz yeah! some serious talent there

oh and kind of new - tiefschwartz mix

i love this soooo much its not even funny



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a few more....

some old.... some newer

on air-son kite (lemon8)
single gun-subsky(solid mix)
fugakyu-chris micali



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chris micali - l'evasion

another winner from micali ...deep hypnotic evolution of a track


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chris micali is amazing. all the stuff he's putting out is killer, and his spring promo mix :eek: ... especially the first 30 mins of it.



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after this weekend i am obsessed with graham and blades - "real"

didn't really like it that much first, but i have changed my mind.


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just bought copies of chris micali's remixes of joi cardwell's "soul to bare" from beatport....full on infectious groove


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PQM - Aenema (Noel Sanger's Global Reset Button Mix)

and these too...

PQM - Nameless (Chab Remix)
PQM - Everyday (Chris Fortier Remix)
PQM - THe K Song (PQM's 14 Minute K')


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Originally posted by mandapanda
after this weekend i am obsessed with graham and blades - "real"

didn't really like it that much first, but i have changed my mind.

yeah i'm really diggin' this one at the moment as well... nice vocals over a nice break beat and baseline during the breakdown of the track...

these may be a little bit older now but currently i'm really enjoying:

a-studio - sos (skylark dub)
flash brothers - amen (lys & gigi s mix)
quivver - these are the days (vocal mix)


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Originally posted by RELEASE RECORDS
then u mean the chab mix because there is no chable mix of murk "time".

jerome @ release

woah, dont know how i wrote that down wrong. I knew it was chab, brain fart.


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I'm loving the intrumental of Ethan - In My Heart.

Actually ordered it from 3Beat and they sent the wrong mix :mad:

Also Swain and Carter - Felt Love EP (pt1) is good one too.

Greg Benz

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Here's a few I'm really into.....

Micah - Acandavi[Chris Micali Remix] - Silver Planet
Smight - Just This Guy You Know[Jaytech Remix]
Shmuel Flash - For A Long Time - Nascent Recordings
Introvert - Track For July



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these tracks are diiirrrty...

maybe its because i haven't been in the shops for a while but i think these tunes are some of the best i've heard in a couple of months..

Tiefschwarz - Trick me & The Egg - Wall (Mylo remix)





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Fear by WOW is just off the chains... to paraphrase a certain someone that has started this thread.
anyways, the track just keeps on getting better and the vocals of Omi are incredible.

I really want to hear a track like this spun live at system ... someone play it!!

"romage through my soul and find no limit....romage through my soul and find-no-fear..."

The melodic part of this track is once again -off the freaking chains man! just keeps on getting better.
they played this live and IMO this was the best track peformed live as all the group members were jamming away.

Another track that I am enjoying is:
Swayzak -- Another way.

This track would go sooo well at the begining of a proggy set.
Man, the begining is so not indicative of the track..its starts off with synth noises and then this bassline kicks in and then this electric rift gets added on that ripples continously through the track along with the bassline!--then the vocals come in

"There are many things I've said to you before....I can make you promises-but-what's-the-use?...... *insert rippling electric effect here*... another way back..another-way-down, *insert rippling electric effect here*... "

This two tracks have me searching for similar stuff that is sort of low key but well put together.
The swayzak album in particular.. IMO is completly a step forward in terms of their production and as far as I am concern it is one of the most mature and coming of age albums of theirs that I have heard. I only heard one of their previous albums before and I did not really like it. So I just thought they were the type of producers that made somewhat boring and shite albums but some wicked remixes and singles here and there. And to a certain extend they are. But the loops for b. album is totally a step forward for them imo.

so those are two tracks that I am really enjoying and the reasons why.
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