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The OTHER Cherry Beach party


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If this venue wasnt out doors Id be complaing! Im still really liking the spot- but theres much more beach to explore.. so attn promoters: explore the whole beach front for a prime space or check out the spit!

The sound was nice and loud and alot of people showed up. When we were walking up the street to the party- I noticed over the period of a couple of minutes about 5 police crusiers and 1 paddy wagon drive up the street.
But go the party and there was a cruiser driving around with its lights on and one of the officers shinning his light around looking to see whats up- but we still continue along.
Once there we celebrated arrviving and suddenly noticed the 15 police come walking out of the woods look at us for a bit- and then dissapere completly.
I love the police. I have never had a single problem with them ever. It seems they are picking up on the people who are acting responsible and giving them safe. I thank you Toronto Police Department from the bottom of my heart!
The rest of the night was awsome- even though 3 fights broke out (only at the out door jungle party) I still had fun and danced around bare foot (that is a true experince!). The best part of the night though was during Prine.Nebulas set when they were about to shut all the sound off because of the rain- when the crowd came all up close around the dj booth and held a tarp over the guys so they could work there magic! Im not a big jungle fan- but these guys were amazing!
I left shortly after wards because I had been up for 2 days already and was partying at UP! Festival earlier (what an awsome free weekend this has been!)

"Techno DJ's do it deeper"
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thanks to everyone who came out last night! the party was off the hook!

shouts and respect go out to all the djs/mcs/everyone who came out and showed support! and last but not least everyone who made this happen - THANK YOU!

keep posted for more info on our next jam coming soon. ok now its time for some sleep.

suburban sound system


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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">The sound was nice and loud and alot of people showed up.

I was at the goa party friday and the sound was much better then saturday. They had speakers all around the inner circle and then more set up behind that. There was also a *lot* more garbage on the ground at the jungle party...


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I showed up at around 9:30ish just to see what things were like over there. Saw absolutly noone there. Was wondering a bit what the hell was going on. Finally found it - and it was a beautiful setup. Nestled right beside the water, and such. But really my friend Shann and I only came to say hello to Jeremy and Jim - and alas we could not find them anywhere. Hell - we couldn't even find anyone we knew. When I got there , I saw only about 15 people? It seemed like a pretty tight vibe ... but jungle isn't my bag - and I was kinda sleepy from being outside all day. Anyhow guys, you did a good job ... just next time BE THERE!!! Hah hah hah , Shann and I wanted to say hi and talk to yOU!


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pretty nice jam..it was kinda funny when the police showed and lush was like "what the fuck?" and they shut the music off for a couple of minutes.
and my friend lost his cell phone..so thats kinda tight.
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feisty boy

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thank you sss! what a sweet night.
chill crowd, good tunes - prine nebula kicked ass. and that 10 year old mc? killer styles! hilarious.

i had a wicked wicked time - well done.


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This was a slamming event! Definitley one of prine.nebula's best sets ever - I'd like to thank the peeps that came up to hold the tarp - that was just amazing.


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so much fun...such a nice group of good people!

prine.nebula kicked ass of course

the kid mc made my night

can't wait for the next one

DJ Doublecross

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I had a great time while I was there. Lots of people showed up pretty quickly, and it was still packed when I left at 1:20 or so. Lots of familiar faces around too. I didn't see too many sketchy cases (heard some stories though), but I was generally trying to avoid that, so that was probably why.

Hopefully we'll see more outdoor parties this summer!



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Ive been to many a party at cherry beach but this one was nothing special. A good concept nevertheless but a few things I saw mainly to do with the people that were attending bothered me. I would talk about the music but it was barely audible over the high school shoving matches I witnessed. This party was disturbing because I hate to witness violence of any type at a party, and there were a few instances of indecent behavior all around.

A few bad apples ruin the whole bunch, and there were a few bad apples on cherry beach last night.

Bad vibes and bad karma soon brought the rain and its probably a good thing before some more shit went down.

Thank You Rain
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When I think about the ppl who held the tarp over us during our set it brings a tear to my eye. Literally. Big thanks to everybody who did that - what an incredible show of support.

It reminds me just why some people go out and spend money on equipment rentals and gas, drive long distances and spend the day carrying heavy bass bins/generators/gear to the beach, only to ruin it in the sand and rain. As a performer, I don't know if I have ever felt so moved and inspired by my audience.

Estimates pegged last night's attendance at between 300 and 400 people during DJ Lush's set at midnight. It didn't always seem that way, but a quick stroll along the beach made it obvious that people were gathered around sparsely over a wide radius around the sound.

As far as the police: they showed up at around 11:30 and told us that the sound levels were probably OK, and that everything was cool as long as the party was kept under control. They were very co-operative and easy to deal with. My hats off to those officers who showed up.

At about 12:50, a lot more police officers converged (about 5 cruisers and about a dozen officers) in the street parking area to the east. This gave a lot of people the willies, and it looked like they were either watching us very closely or plotting to raid or otherwise break up the party. Spooky stuff. I met with another really professional and polite officer, this time a detective from 51 Div., and he said that we'd have to turn the volume down at 2 AM. We agreed. I was also told, by another officer, that they really had no problem with the party - the reason for so many cops was a report of a gun-related incident on the other side of the park.

Yeah, if you left the area, there were police almost everywhere, and they would shine flashlights on you and what not, but I didn't find the police presence imposing at all. Maybe it's because I was 'in-the-know', or becase I had seen first-hand how professional yet laid back they seemed. We didn't hear from the police again for the rest of the party, which went until about 3:45.

The sound? Well, personally I thought the sound level was fine. We spread four speakers out in a semi-circle from the DJ table, essentially engulfing the dancing area in sound. I was concerned with putting speakers at the front and back of the 'dance floor' because of noise reasons - we would then have to worry about how much sound we were projecting in EVERY direction. I think my logic panned out pretty good: not only was the sound decent, but SSS didn't get a noise ticket - my understanding is that the hosts of the previous night's party were hit with a fine under a noise by-law.

Yeah, who was that 10 year old MC? That kid was over the top. Man, if anyone knows that kid, tell him we'll give him free milk and cookies if he comes and MCs for us again!

All the DJs were awesome, 95% of the people were great too. Unfortunately the remaining 5% spelled out the sad truth about why free parties on the beach are so rare: they attract all types, and regrettably that includes the scum of the earth turf warriors and k-heads who have no trouble ruining people's good times by either pushing each other around or putting themselves practically into comas in the middle of a dark desolate beach. Unfortunately not much can be done about these people, but I'm thinking that a good bouncer crew would be in order for any party at Cherry Beach.

Still: last night's event in my opinion was a huge success, and I'm really thankful to the peeps who stopped by to see what all the fuss was about, the DJs, the MCs, the crew, and yes - the police. Jer: you rock.


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big up all the djz/mcs/friends/real heads who made last night fun. i'm too tired to go into a real review but a picture is worth a thousand words, yeah?








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Awwwwwww nice pics... Jer, your hair is SO short!!!!!!!!! eeheheh
Maybe if we had got there a lil later, it would have been a little more jammin'..... Too bad, next time though!!
Good work guys..... but as Ama said, next time be there so we can say hello


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Definitely gots to big up Jeremy, Jeff, Jim Lee and rest of the SSS crew. Had a pretty decent night. Only stayed for a couple of hours but everything was kewl. A tremendous crowd turnout. Few cops showed up but no problems arose. Heard a lot of nice tunes and had a nice chillin' time. Looking forward to the next jam.

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how come no-one danced??

anyways, I think I saw that little kid too, he was wearing a backpack ...

hmm, AMAZING party!! I love outdoor events, that is so cool the cops were nice. I was worried they would search cars and be a nuisance

Suburban, great idea with the food drive, lights , sound, it was great! you had an alternate tented venue but the crowd was too large. More than I expected just less friendliness and people saying hi.

whatever, it was fun, it was free, good time by all. Peace and Love

PS Great MC job by everyone