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The Orb

Alex D. from TRIBE on Utility Room


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I was not at all impressed when I last saw the Orb, and they were in their prime back then.


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thinking about coming down for this - I used to love the Orb - they literally got me into electronic music when I was 14 - I heard them before I went to my first rave
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i think my gf and a friend and i are hitting Prohibition before the gig.
anyone else interested in eating yummy foods and getting sauced ?


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Prohibition gets really busy around dinner especially on a Friday, so they want a reservation almost 2 weeks in advance for tables over 6, so i'll wait until then.
so far...
my friend Mike

anyone else ?
doors are at 8 so dinner at 6ish ?
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dinner is a no go but i think we'll be heading to Prohibition for a pre drink or 2 before the gig.
doors at 8, Grimace on around 9 til 10.