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The one thing that's gotta be in your frigdge


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So yesterday I went to see my dad's new apartment, where being a gracious host, he asked me whether i wanted something to eat or drink. The thing was he only had about 5 items of food in his fridge. Butter, eggs, cheese, coke, water. His pantries weren't any better. But he did have pickles. Good ol' Strubbs Cloudy Brine Sour Dills. One of my dad's all-time favourite snacks.

So it got me to thinking... the man had obviously neglected doing a lot of grocery shopping, but he made sure he had his favourite no-effort snack.

What's the one item in your fridge/cupboard that will always be there no matter how pitifully stocked you are on the rest of your food items?

I'll have to go with Tropicana O.J. (no pulp). I can't go more than 24 hours without having it in my fridge.
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honestly, it's ch33se

crackers are my bonus items...specifically these low-sodium stoned wheat thins

but cheese makes me feel secure.


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Bacon, Cheese, Baby Spinach. I don't really know why the latter is so important, but it's always there...I use it in salads, sandwiches, omelettes, any time I need a quick serving of vegetables.

Oh and hot sauce. It goes on everything.
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tropicana oj no pulp as well. i need that in the morning more than i need my coffee.

just thinking about it is making me salivate.
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i have more kinds of hot sauce in my 'fridge than anything else.

current count:
six different kinds plus a 4-pac gift box.

i am all hotted up.


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milk - can't have my coffee without it,

but I'm usually pretty good about stocking it up - red peppers would probably be a close second - I probalby eat at least 10 a week
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JLV said:
Franks Red Hot!
Yup, was just gonna post that. Except I ran out yesterday. The horror! If I don't have certain condiments, I feel funny.

The other item would be cheese. There is always cheese in my fridge, no matter what. Oh, and Crystal Light. I would die without it.

Edit: and GARLIC! For those times that I'm not making out with Boss Hog.
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