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the olympics haven't even started and an athelete is dead


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a friend told me that a youtube video is up. not going to watch it. it's freaky really. this wasn't even an official event and yet so much visual media is up.

fog has been an issue in whistler today but i doubt that would affect the luge course. was it designed to be too fast?


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The events surrounding the crash of Georgian luger Nodar Kumaritashvili Friday morning at the Whistler Sliding Centre, as witnessed by The Star’s Dave Perkins.

10:45 a.m. – Kumaritashvili begins his practice run, his second of the day and the sixth and last of the pre-race of the competition. The Star is interviewing U.S. slider Bengt Walden, who has just crashed and Walden is asked if this track is indeed the fastest in sliding and whether it’s at the limit. “Definbitely," Walden said. “They won’t build any faster tracks than this one."

10:46 – Someone in the press mixed zone says to watch out for this Georgian guy. He had a crash Wednesday.

10:46 – Coming off the final turn, the 21-year-old native oif Borjomi, Georgia, loses control and, in a heartbeat, is airborne. He appears to hit a side wooden railing that extends about two feet above the track, but keeps flying to his left, off the track, and hits one of the 10-foot-tall steel poles that support the sun roof. He appears to hit it almost cross-body, trravelling some 130 km/h. Television coverage is immediately shut down.

10:47 – Medical personel arrived within seconds – the crash is no more than five or six metres from the track first-aid station—but the impact has been serious. Initial reaction from those watching on TV is that he would need a miracle to survive.

10:52 – Media personnel climb down from the mixed zone near the finish line, to within about 40 feet of the downed racer. Two ambualances are standing by. Kumaritashvili is in a gurney, medical personnel applying CPR. A distraught violunteer is led away. A plastic tube is inserted into the victim’s mouth to facilitate mouth-to-mouth resuscitation.

10:55 – He is in an ambulance. Media now out of sight. Ambulance pulls away.

11:02 – Back at the finish line, there’s a numbed silence. Cell phones ring incessantly; information exchanged and given and from the looks of the red-rimmed eyes, none of it is good. An "indefinite hold" is put on the practice run, which had another 20 racers to go, including all three Canadians.

11:11 – A helicopter govers further down the valley, possibly moving Kumaritashvili from a staging station to a hospital. Thye training session is announced as officially suspended and a coach’s meeting is called for 11:30 a.m.
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Aerius Zension

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Just watched it on other sites than Youtube. Just Google it.

I don't think a protective padding would have done anything. The safer thing would be to eliminate the sport all together. That and the skeleton.


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seriously...look at a ski course and even in a section where no one *should* go off course there is always netting and padding cause sometimes, when a human is going 140km/hr in a skin tight suit, shit happens..
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The video is up on Break, but pulled off Youtube.

How scary...it all happened within a matter of an instant. looks like the guy took the corner too fast, went up too high on the right wall coming out of the corner and lost control/flew off his luge sled. From that point on he was like a ping pong ball hitting the posts. Looks like he hit the first post in his mid back, but his legs might've been turned in another direction. Possibly a spinal injury.



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why is there no protective cushion around those poles? that's seriously messed up.

the star article brought up a couple varied opinions. one person suggested plexiglass. another official mentioned that luge courses are often a big challenge for newer competitors and that veterans usually don't have these problems.

on the other hand, there have been a few other reported injuries on this course via training runs.


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Wow that happened really fast. It's only a second between losing control and his body laying lifless on the side of the track.
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just read the article and saw the video on CTV's website. so sad. they say courses can't be built any faster, and he was ripping it on down.
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there shouldn't be an opening at the top half of the track, just have it one big series of tubes. like the internet.


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i heard this guy was in an accident yesterday, but was uninjured.
and i am quite surprised City TV didn't show the video.

Dirty Girl

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apparantly (according to city tv) this guy was ranked #44.
apparantly the guy that is ranked #1 also crashed on this track this week, but is obviously ok.
I believe the city tv guy said there had been 14 crashes on it this week.
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