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The old tunes thread

Discussion in 'Jungle Room' started by rentboy, Mar 13, 2010.

  1. ghaleon

    ghaleon TRIBE Member

    love that EP~!!! not many ppl now about it
  2. ghaleon

    ghaleon TRIBE Member

    that recoil tune is fuckin mental as well
  3. recoil

    recoil TRIBE Member

    ello Ghaleon - how's tings?

    oh ya they do =) people know. it's one of the most sought-after / expensive / over-priced oldskool records. I've seen mint / near mint copies listed twice at £999.00 on discogs.. no shit. and recently I've seen 2 copies in VG condition get listed for £200.00 that sold immediately.

    10 years ago I called up a record store in England and they offered me a copy for 25 quid.. at the time though the exchange rate was higher - 25 quid was a fuck of a lot of money to pay, so I passed. wish I'd snapped it up now though hehe. oh well. I have great sources, so I'm sure a cheap copy will find it's way to me soon =)

    speaking of sought-after tunes - just sourced the original Section 5 promo of this..

    Last edited: Dec 18, 2010
  4. basketballjones

    basketballjones TRIBE Member

    ^i saw that on discogs for like 299 pounds

    dont know if that has been posted

    Last edited: Dec 18, 2010
  5. basketballjones

    basketballjones TRIBE Member

    always loved this tune, so dirty and evil

    this one too
    Last edited: Dec 18, 2010
  6. recoil

    recoil TRIBE Member

    amazing - we have people posting in here again. before Mr Magyar posted I'd just about given up on it - lol. every time I checked in it was always pure tumbleweeds

    ya those Nookie remixes are the shit. Nookie is one of my favourite producers for sure

    the original Drummer of Doom is class but he did a great job with this remix too ->

    lol. crazy. well ya it always was sought after, right since it came out in 93, due to the illegal sampling troubles. even the bootlegs that came out later in 93 are rare and really pricey. . 300 pounds though?? some oldskool jungle is approaching the price of rare funk 45s now.

    so what's the most you guys have ever paid for your records? for me.. 100 bucks. I bought a promo copy of Lyn Collins Think (About It) LP - 1972. then I sold it for a lot of money a couple years later

  7. basketballjones

    basketballjones TRIBE Member

    59 bp for an original copy of music box

  8. basketballjones

    basketballjones TRIBE Member

    some of the fave tunes i have grabbed from discogs in the past

  9. recoil

    recoil TRIBE Member

    damn why is that version of Music Box so pricey? and ya those 3 records you mentioned are good finds. I just got that Victory track off some guy for 2 quid - which is ridiculously cheap for such a good tune

    More Time has always been one of my favourites. pure niceness. love it. Jeopardy on the flip is really nice too. and I have that EOA too - sick record. both sides. I have the remix 12" as well. I can't find either of the track on youtube. the Can I Dream remix ain't as good as the original but it's still proper.

  10. basketballjones

    basketballjones TRIBE Member

    you never see the original of music box for sale really

    one of the best finds was the darkets knight - serious
    serious is okay, but the darkest knight is fucking retarded, cant find it on youtube
    can i dream is bad acid trip evil dark
  11. basketballjones

    basketballjones TRIBE Member

    reaching way back for this one

  12. basketballjones

    basketballjones TRIBE Member

    THE anthem

    straight steppin
  13. basketballjones

    basketballjones TRIBE Member

    simply unreal tune from the one like Dillinja
  14. recoil

    recoil TRIBE Member

    oldskool Dilly is the bomb.

  15. recoil

    recoil TRIBE Member




  16. basketballjones

    basketballjones TRIBE Member

    even after all these years this tune destroys all others
  17. basketballjones

    basketballjones TRIBE Member


    it just came alive and took them
  18. basketballjones

    basketballjones TRIBE Member

  19. basketballjones

    basketballjones TRIBE Member


    i cant think of anyone who knew how to work a bassline like the dextrous

    google his name and see just how many monikers this guy was rockin and how many tunes he made you were losing your shit to without even knowing it

    Last edited: Jan 4, 2011
  20. basketballjones

    basketballjones TRIBE Member

  21. basketballjones

    basketballjones TRIBE Member


    they dont come any dirtier then this
    the bassline gives filthy a bad name, it hits new lows like you have never heard

    this is the information center
  22. basketballjones

    basketballjones TRIBE Member

  23. Mr. Magyar

    Mr. Magyar TRIBE Member

    If you don't like the bass on this, you don't like breakbeat techno!

    Continuing with the theme of SL2, who doesn't like this remix? I'm going to go as far as saying this is the best jungle tune ever, even though it is a remix. The production is crisp and tight. It still sounds as fresh as the day it was released.
  24. Mr. Magyar

    Mr. Magyar TRIBE Member

    For me, this tune was so overplayed. It actually hurt the track, in my opinion. To this day, I cannot stand it (much like Prizna's Fire). I can, however, stand the Rufige Kru remix. So glad I bought it! Why no one played it in Toronto is beyond me.
  25. basketballjones

    basketballjones TRIBE Member


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