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the old school thread


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not the movie, but the music

lately I've been waxing pretty nostalgic and wanting to trip back to the early days of electronic music

I don't want to turn this into some chin stroking circle jerk about how electronic music really started in the 1960's when someone effectively reproduced the sound of a fart electronically

right now I'm going through some essential mixes from 1994 ... loved that acidy sound from that period

www.essentialmix.ca for tracklistings ...

der dritte raum's tune "aeolus" totally hits the spot for how underground trance used to sound before it got commercialized

got a copy of my man CJ Bolland's live set @ Obsession from 1993 that brought back some great memories of how things sounded then

slowly working my way through Sasha's massive 5 part zen afterparty set from 1996

so yeah let's discuss older electronic music , what turns your crank, what brings back memories for you?
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is the watcher's site up anymore? maybe we could make an old school folder in there and dump stuff we'd like to share ...


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opus iii - mind fruit (1992)

where the song "it's a fine day" came from

kirsty hawkshaw's voice > *


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Listened to these tracks today. Probably amongst the first tracks that got me interested in 'electronic'

Felix - "Don't You Want My Loving?"
Bomb The Bass - "Beat Dis" (This track should be played out more. That bassline and the breakbeat is classic!)
808 State - "cubik / olympik)

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recognize that tune 'dont' you want my loving' , going to grab the bomb the bass one

platipus records 'ultimate dream collection' was the first electronic music cd I purchased...always amazed at the particular nice platipus records occupied back in the day - not quite full on psy but more 'organic' than most stuff then


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For me, it was the old school jungle.

It was hard to describe, but it had an uplifting quality, while still having some elements that sounded like hardcore.


Ellis Dee
Rat Pack
Mystical Influence 94 and on...
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it wasn't THAT long ago... but the best fucking radio show to ever grace toronto's airwaves was FEAR EDIT! 88.1.

on-ly on ... FEEEEAAARRRRR


they played the most amazing house/techno. God, I miss that show so fucking much.


I can still hear the weird pulsy noise.. and the phone numbers getting pushed.. introducing the show's start-up.


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who else was a regular listener of dr. trance's show on the various stations it was on?

I think I tuned in pretty much every week and taped it...where on earth did I put those tapes


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old skool gives me goosebumps and tinglies and makes my nether regions go CRAZY.

you all should come to the splinter/threshold old skool jam. we're taking it from all angles...old skool house, techno, FUNK, jungle...

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ok its hardly super old school
but the one song that really brings back memories to me is

4hero - 9 by 9

A friend played it for me and I believe it was the first song that got me into drum n bass
..Its a simple yet gorgeous song that I still listen to once in a while.
It reminds me of 1st year rez, and $5 thursday nights at the Living Room, busting out to songs like this.

I've been going through a fair amount of my older breaks and mixtapes. I was listening to the D-Monic and Marty McFly Tribe tape yesterday.

Fave Tapes
Ryan 7 - Maximum Grooves
DJ Blake
all the old DJ Czech tapes from 1994-1997
Kimball Collins
Max Graham
Kenny Ken Syrous tapes
DJ Minutemaid
The 1994/1995 studio mixes of Mark Oliver
UFG Soundsystem

God so many others.
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