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The Old Farmers Almanac


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So for Christmas I got this and have been tracking the weather, and I must say it is scary how accurate it has been. It also has great info on the stars and when the best fishing is and when to view meteor showers etc..... here is a sample:

April forecasts for Region 3: Southern Ontario

1st-7th Cold, snow........in my area it snowed ALL these days

8th-13th Warm, rain

14th-21st Very warm, showers......HELLO!

22nd-24th Sunny, warm

25th-30th Sunny, cool

here is a look ahead for May:

1-4 Warm, showers

5-6 Sunny

7-9 Rain

10-14 Chilly; rain east

15-19 Warm, thunderstorms

20-31 Dry.


I was also reading about how in 1976, they had VERY simalar weather in April to this.....and it snowed again in May! Anyone else ever put any stock into this or other methods of weather forcast?



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Talk about raising this one from the dead............

so for June, this is what we have:

avg temp 17.5(avg)
30 mm above for precipitation.

June 1-4th.....Sunny warm.
5-8th...... Hot, thunder storms
9-11th.....Sunny, Pleasant
12-15th.....Warm, Showers
16-20th......Sunny, Warm
21-27th......Sunny, Hot Pete!!!!!!!!
28-31.....Thunderstorms, then Sunny and pleasant...so yuo might be ok Evil one!

So, what is the Om theme going to be this year? I would like to go, anyone have extra room in their camp for me?

Subsonic Chronic

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Originally posted by Preroller
21-27th......Sunny, Hot Pete!!!!!!!!

*does the yes thing with the arm*


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