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The OFFICIAL: What did you GET for christmas thread.


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already opened all my gifts......sooo traditional here....lol

-underwear from LaSenza.......all normal panties...no thongs.
My mom said "here this is for you, but i noticed u dont wear this kinda anymore so if you dont like them, tell me and ill get you something else.

she didn't want to buy me thongs...awww she's sooo polish and cute.
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Exchanged presents with my brother and his girlfriend as they'll be in Winnipeg for Christmas.

My brother bought me a hoodie with my DJ name/Tribe nick stitched into it.

(yup, I'm a geek and I'll rock it over and over and over!)

His girlfriend bought me a super nice and fuzzy half zip fleece.


*still no new DVD player*

Eccentric (LRG)

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you posted a new thread to put that you only got granny panties for xmas ??:p

I open my gifts tomorrow around 3:30 pm.
But I got to open my best friends gifts the other night
she got me:
Pot leaf stash box (ceramic)
1 corset wrist cuff
1 D ring bondage cuff
and one sporty looking cuff.
all red and black.

Also she got me a Quicksilver Visor...
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Originally posted by Eccentric (LRG)
you posted a new thread to put that you only got granny panties for xmas ??:p

Also she got me a Quicksilver Visor...

hahaha im mad thats why. LOL
if you know i wear thongs...why not get me thongs?!?!
they arent granny panties...they are low rise booty short.....and cute. that's not the point...the point is.....i wanted a snowboard or a digi cam or money....GOSH how i would LOVE some MONEY!!

*imagine that was all i got*
my parents do this every year "dont buy us anything...xmas isnt about gifts"
Then i go out and spend lots of money on this i know they like/need and get granny panties.
im not ranting.....i dont care about gifts...but a little something to say "we love you and are thinking about you" would be nice. Even something they cooked, made etc.
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So far, a couple of bottles, a gangster duvet cover and pillow case set with curtains(no they are not 5 star general camouflage), and a sweetass wireless optical mouse with side scrolling and extra buttons.

And a shitload of christmas cookies and chocolate, currently having their asses kicked and names taken.

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Hawk Eye

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I'm opening gifts tomorrow morn..

I have received some gifts though.

from my friends I got:

My best bud spoiled me and got me:
love a lot carebear
change wallet
Sophie's World Novel
15 dollar gift certificate to American Eagle

Pirate of the Carribbean DVD from my friends boyfriend

A cool flower crystal that one of my friends got me when she was in Prague over the summer.

I got 20 dollars and HMV gift certificate worth 20 dollars from my great uncle

Flannel pj pants that are so comfy from my 2nd cousin

10 dollar famous players admit one which i already used for LOTR yesturday and lottary gift pack that i haven't used yet from my cousin

and lastnight, mom and dad gave me an ethentic mogilny jersey as i was going to the game

i'm spoiled..
My mom already said twice in two diff. occasions today that im going to love what i got for xmas :D


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ohhh the word pantie is sooo funny :D

I haven't opened any gifts yet!! All tommorow!

score on the walkie talkies shannon :)
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Temper Tantrum

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So far i've only opened one gift that was an early trade with my boy.

Doing fam prezzies tonight, 'santa' prezzies tomorrow, and giving my friends there gifts come the 27th



(though it is better to give then to receive ;) )



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I haven't got anything.... yet.

actually that's not true... I got a week long trip to Miami, but it's my gift to myself so I'm not sure if that counts.


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i can't wait to GIVE my presents to everyone.

but so far already i have received amazing presents!

from bsharp festivus - homemade calender with all our bee-yoo-teeful pics in it! (and i fought really hard for it, and it makes me laugh every time i look at it)

from boss - 100$ gift certificate at Elmwood spa

from buyers - 100$ gift certicate at yorkdale (already spent:D)

from gift exchange at work - set of ceramic beautiful japanese bowls



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100 dollars from my mom.

set of wooden spoons, a frame, soap and a glove to use in the shower to exfoliate from the girls that live upstairs.

20 dollars from my cousin.

30 dollar gift certificate from loblas from my aunt.

Not bad, Not great either.


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Eccentric (LRG)

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Originally posted by Aphrodite
so far.. walky talkies! so fun
same here :)
but I only know this cause I helped my mom pick em out at Canadian Tire during a huge sale they had... I don't get to have em til tomorrow though.

The Tesseract

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how the hell is this official, when it wasn't posted on Christmas day?

I already know what i got... but i'll wait till tomorrow.

Either way.. my mom is getting
- a stainless steel mortar and pestle
- 2 sets of stainless steel demitasse spoons
- 2 wideblade spatulas
- 1 cookbook for preservatives.

brother is getting:
- Thievery Corporation's "Richest Man in Babylon"

Dad's getting:
- Bette Midler's "The Rose"
- Peggy Lee's greatest hits
- A tribute to Gordon Lightfoot

(okay... so he's getting Jean Pare's "Barbecue cooking")

Big Cheese

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-100ml of Kenneth Cole w/ shower gel

-Bananna Republic grey sweatshirt

-Swingers DVD

-BIG bag of Funions (you have to know me well to understand)

- Calander of WW2 Airplane Prints from famous commonwealth wartime artists (why does that seem so long a description?)

- New(er) Edition of Larousse Gastronomique (old one is worn the fuck out)

- Socks... lots and lots of fucking socks....

Funny how i jumped online with the intention of starting this thread, and another polack already beat me to it...

go x-mas eve present openings :^)

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