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the 'official' tired of hearing about montreal thread


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jerome still thinks we are talking about sound system = club hours = great scene or some crap...how many posts say there is so much more too it...

u know what though, i really do think the success of jungle & breaks parties play a greater role in the overall dance scene than eating at restaurants at midnight.

the fact is, these 2 genres barely exist in montreal compared to toronto. but this again is only 1 of my points.

jerome @ release

Crazy Serb

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Re: Re: hahah

Originally posted by coleridge
People taking Montreal pills are taking speed.

werd. I have never been asked for speed and offered speed as much as I ended up during those few nights I've spent in Montreal...


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I should also mention that... I hope everything goes well with BOA... they might not make it because of the prices and the fickle interest of people when it comes to dance music... but I see that they have a variety of acts coming to town so hopefully they can bring out all sorts of people to their club..that way the club will not just be for techno or for prog.. but for all types of music and it will create a variety of interest.

max graham

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i dont think the success of jungle and breaks parties (two small fringe music styles in north america when looking at a city overall...as much as i love them both) has anything to do with the scene in a certain city.

i think jerome you speak of only a limited view...the dance music scene...and yes if diversity is what you base a scene on then maybe more jungle records are sold in toronto...

but everyone else here seems to be talking of a much larger feeling you get from either city...

its not eating at midnight...its the fact this city is open to doing it...its people...its laws...its business'...its attitude.

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In Other News...
YOU ROCK TRILLIAN... you have my permission to wear a t-shirt that says-so.


p.s. aleks and I are thinking about heading to montreal for the 30th of this month.
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"A graphic reflection of the cold was Hydro-Québec's decision to turn off its illuminated corporate logo atop its Montreal headquarters to save electricity, as the utility asked residents to conserve power any way they can until tomorrow.

The utility said Quebec has faced only two days of back-to-back temperatures this extreme over the past 60 years, calling it "exceptionally rigorous climatic conditions."

Burrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Better stay in the club.


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The real question is -- did the strip bars turn off their illuminated signs in order to conserve power?