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the official summer brings good weather... and concerts galore thread!!!!


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today was clean the house day.
so today i found all that random junk you forget about, the kind you thought you threw out, but poof! there it is all of the sudden...

so i found all my concert tickets from the past few years... does anyone keep these???

here's my list... share yours peoples!!

(in no date order)

green day
matt mays, stabilo, pilate @ the pheonix CMW 2006
death cab for cutie / franz ferdinand
yeah yeah yeahs
nine inch nails / QOTSA
coldplay (x2)
xavier rudd
tori amos
pearl jam
john mayer
billy talent
pilate (again)
chantal kreviazuk (X6) (I LOVE HER!!)

and of course bonnaroo coming up... radiohead/tom petty/beck, etc...

what concerts do you/are you going to/want to see this year??
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I have 60 tickets framed on my wall another 200+ in a box that Ive been saving for years and at least another 50 scattered around my place. Ive been meaning to get the rest framed for some time now.