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The Official Stanley Kubrick Thread


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sam peckinpah is my favorite,just thought id add since this thread seems to have morphed into 'influential directors' thread.
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Originally posted by leigh
even if it wasn't finished, it still is probably one of the smartest and most groundbreaking films i've seen. i loved it. i loved the way it was marketed. and i loved how 90% of the people who came out of it were annoyed because it wasn't what they thought it was going to be... such a good film.

See, I thought it was kind of a very long, kind of funny joke in its premise: Tom Cruise can't get laid. I know there was much more going on, but that's the thing that stuck with me most. If you look at it a lot more seriously, there's a fuck of a lot going on about sexuality, masculinity and how much we can and are defined by it both consciously and subconsciously. It seems to veer back and forth between temptation of more carnal desires, but the higher reasonings and the morals that prevent him from acting on it.

It's a very smart film, but I will always see it as being incomplete. I think people will appreciate this a lot more in a few years, when the come back and look at it without all the bullshit hype that surrounded it for two years while making it, which explains your comment at the end ;)


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James, what makes you think it wasnt finished? Every bit of research I've done on it suggest otherwise, what makes you so sure?
Originally posted by Hal-9000
James, what makes you think it wasnt finished? Every bit of research I've done on it suggest otherwise, what makes you so sure?

partly the ending, as it really strikes me as very abrupt and not exactly something that struck me as a very Kubrickian ending. I also think he wouldn't have gone for the Austin Powers guys in cloaks standing infront of all the orgy action (he's never shyed away from nudity before, why would he here?), which more than reinforces my belief that there was studio tampering. Also, I'm hard pressed to find an actual quote from Kubrick himself that said that he was done, which strikes me as a bit odd, considering that he worked so many years on the film, and was said by the studio that he was "proud of his acheivement" and being so public about it by heresay. It never really made sense to me, and just didn't feel finished. I think it was very close to it's final edit, but not quite there.
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Originally posted by Lysistrata
The ending of AI was NOT NOT NOT NOT Kubrick.

The ending WAS WAS WAS WAS WAS Kubrick.

I posted a NY Times article on tribe a few years ago from the 90s talking about Kubricks revolutionary film that will never get made called A.I. (I can't find the thread nor article anymore). In the article it talks about the futuristic mechas discovering David thousands of years later after David refuses to let go of his fixation with the Blue Fairy.

Also on the docs on the DVD they show how the whole movie (including the ending scenes) was storyboarded more than a decade before the movie was even made.

It's all there.