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"the office" one of the funniest tv shows EVER!


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ok if you like Spinal Tap, or Family guy, this show is for you..this is a bbc show (I usually hate them) and picked up the DVD's of the first season this weekend and have NEVER laughed harder in my life.. it is a fake documetary of office life at this paper factory, and it has to be seen to be belived..god season two is out in England, I need to get a zone free dvd player to see it...
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if anyone subscribes to BBC Canada, it will be on there soon. check listings

i'm gonna tune in for sure, i've heard a lot of good things about this show.


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I have mentioned this program in previous posts and it is amazing as mentioned. Some of the jokes would be more specific towards England, with regional stereotypes etc, but it is still worthwhile to watch. My favourite part is

Gareth Keenan Investigates.




for your viewing pleasure. Go to the video downloads section and watch some of it- even out of context they are very funny.
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I love this show. The two christmas specials were on suprnova the other day, and they're well worth watching as well. I was very sad to hear that they're not planning on making anymore seasons. Keith is the most hilarious character ever.

..... not .................. your minge.


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I've been hooked on this show for about two and a half years now. Ricky Gervais has only made two seasons of it and it really is the funniest shit on tv. Ricky has said that he's thinking about making a one off reuinon type of thing where David has become a stand-up comic.
When David does the John Travoltas dance I almost pee'd my pants.

And since we're talking about really funny TV shows i'd like to mention Arrested Development.....hil-AR-ioUS is all I have to say about that :)


Sunshyne Jones

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Originally posted by Dirt Dawg
I watched... and was shocked to find that it is JSUT LIKE MY OFFICE!!!!

Then I was sad

rented first season on dvd and watched it last night and the night before ...

maybe it's because it's all too depressingly office-y and so many things that frustrate me in real office life are depicted, but I didn't finish watching the episodes on the dvd ... just didn't want to watch anymore.

now they're not meant to be watched all in a row - maybe 1/2 hour segments is the way to watch ... but I could definitely watch a bunch of Seinfeld in a row and not get sick of it.

i found myself chuckling about a few things and the writing is great and yes, it is definitely an excellent show. i think because i've worked in depressing office situations, however, i think the subject matter is a little too close to home for me

so i agree with the quote above ... it's a bit depressing in a way.
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The First Season DVD is on Bittorrent

i'm downloading it now

if it's not funny i'll be demanding my megabytes back.


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The first season was awesome.... but I'm half way through the second season and David Brent is beginning to annoy me rather than amuse me.
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