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the *offical* Intrusion Pain Field thread.


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Find all these products and more! Protecting the bible belt since those forigeners first started comin' round dees parts


Phasor Pain And Shock Field
Creates A Protective Shield Of High Pressure Complex Ultrasonic Shock Waves.

Unauthorized intruders are exposed to a feeling of intense paranoia, discomfort, disorientation, nausea and other undesirable effects. Government research is currently investigating the weapons potential and may soon classify these devices!

* Easy to Install
* High Output Directional Ultrasonic Projector Transducers 130db+
* Detection Inputs For Trip Wires, Window Tapes, Pressure Switches, External Signals, Etc..
* Low Liability Causing No Lasting Effects
* Covers Four Multiple Areas Up To 1500 Sq Ft. Or Concentrated On Specific Target Areas
* Adjustable Frequency And Sweep Modulation, Alarm Reset And Test Switch

Units are offered for research & development. Caution and discretion required. Protects up to four 1500 sq ft areas. Operates from 12 Vdc or 115 VAC. Three input jacks sense pressure, trip, and magnetic switches or broken windows, tape and wire strips to signals from other alarms and detectors. Contains frequency sweep and sweep rate controls for maximizing effect. 3"x 4"x 6" central console drives 4 remote satellite stations that are interconnected using safe low voltage wiring.

PPG10 - Plans..........$15.00 blank.gif - 799 Bytes PPG10K - Kit/Plans........$149.95
PPG100 - Ready To Use.........................................................$249.95


Build your own laser perimeter protection and control system up to 1000 feet that will control our PAIN FIELD GENERATOR deterrent. Includes laser, collimating lenses, three front surface mirrors and optical receiver with audible buzzer, visible LED and external function control relay. Requires minor installation skills.

PGD4K - Above System.....................................$99.95

and for the parents out there:


Worn by the child, the cartoon animal-shaped transmitter sends a constant signal to the receiver, which is held by the adult. The signal is adjustable - from a distance of 6 to 30 feet, so when the child goes beyond the set distance, the adult's receiver starts to beep, letting them know that the child is starting to wander off.

Frequencies adjust themselves automatically to alert the proper receiver if more than one adult is in the same area using the Child Guard monitoring system.

CHILD10 - Ready To Use.............................$29.95

Now that you know your kid is safe- how about you go over to Jarldeen's on a ......


well.. not actually a hover board. But you can order the design plans for one.
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All new revolutionary brain wave enhancing machine will turbo charge memory, boost mental powers, uncover hidden potential's, control stress, accelerate healing and recovery processes, etc..

* 100 Program Capacity With 50 Of The Most Popular Factory Preloaded
* Real Time BicolorTM Controls Two Color Output Channels In Real Time, Uses Super Bright Emerald Green And Ruby Red LEDs
* Totally Programmable Via Hosted Windows 98+ Programming Tool
* Wave Table Audio With Stereo Audio Digital To Analog Converters
* Enhanced AudioStrobeTM Provides An Intense Experience

Includes: Control Console, Ruby/Emerald Light Frames, Delux Head Phones, Stereo Patch Cord, PC-Connect(Serial DB9 To Stereo Mini) Cable, Software Suite And Session Library(Via Down Load). AudioStrobeTM Sampler CD And Manual

PROTEUS - Proteus Ready to Use ...$189.95




Produces Weird and Bizarre Effects - creating motion and balance instabilities, optical illusions and enhanced inducement of hypnotic states. Variable speed, quiet motor rotates a 12" diameter disc. Battery or 115 vac operation.

HYPDISK - Ready To Use......................$169.95


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They also have this thing called a Marx Impulse Generator.
It looks like this:


The description is huge and long. So Ill just assume that it shoots waves and beams of comunisim to your much hated neighbors. Finally a reason to call the police!
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Crawling Insect Electrocuter
Roach Roaster
Now delight in observing crawling insects "meeting their maker". Harmless high frequency pulses destroy these pests as they crawl into energy field. Very Entertaining To "Certain People".

RCR1K - Kit/Plans........................................................$39.50
RCR10 - Ready To Use................................................$59.50


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d.code said:
They also have this thing called a Marx Impulse Generator.
It looks like this:


The description is huge and long. So Ill just assume that it shoots waves and beams of comunisim to your much hated neighbors. Finally a reason to call the police!

Best in show!
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I'm saving my money for a videodisc player. I mean, nothing says next-level tech than being able to watch Rocky off of vinyl.


Besides, OJ is innit.



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OJ diddit.

which makes me ponder, Tribe 94/95 would've been gold i bet, what with him in the news for 18 months solid..
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Mrs. Brick

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Breakthrough in red neck fishing!


FISH STUNNER! (can also be used in unision with the Proteus to help OJ find the real killers)

Battery operated device intended for identifying and tagging of fish as they float to the surface. Works excellent on bottom feeders. Built into a plastic cylindrical housing with external controls and water conductivity indicator. Operates from boat battery or other 12 volt source. Shows several methods of drag chains and selective stunning probes.

View Instructions(Adobe PDF) Download Instructions(Zipped Adobe PDF)

FISH8 - Plans (By Download - $6.50) ..............$15.00
FISH8K - Kit/Plans For 12 Volt DC.....................$139.95
FISH80 - Assembled and tested........................$184.95


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Mrs. Brick said:
Battery operated device intended for identifying and tagging of fish as they float to the surface.

LOL. No mention of what causes them to 'float' to the surface in the first place.


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This project clearly demonstrates the powerful mechanical forces due to a pulsed magnetic field. A simple coil consisting of several turns is formed to allow fitting of an aluminum beer or pop can. A high peak current is switched into the coil at f(t) and now induces a current flow in the periphery of the can that now generates its own magnetic field in opposition causing the can to constrict into the familiar hour glass configuration.

This project is an excellent demonstration and is used in several museums where students are encouraged to bring in their cans and subject to these forces. Safety is enhanced by the positive grounding of the inducing coil eliminating any steady state potentials. Operator simply places can into the coil, depresses the charge button, waits for the green light and now presses the fire button. Deformed can is removed and system is ready for the next operator.

only $599.99!
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