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The Nix Up - The May 2013 Edition (created by DJ Nick)


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This is the May 2013 Edition of the Nix Up. I was quite happy with the music selection from the past couple of weeks. Terranova launched a new EP last week. I'll feature a couple of Deep House tracks from them. Steve Angello and Stuart Price team up to deliver a great remix of some Depeche Mode. You will also be able to listen to some new singles from Flight Facilities, Catz N' Dogz and Hot Natured. Once you get through the first couple of Drum & Bass tracks, it's only House from there, transitioning gradually to Deep House.

I wish you an excellent month!

The Mixcloud link:

DJNickTheNixUp - DJ Nick - May 2013 Edition of The Nix Up - 2 Hours of House Music and More | Mixcloud


DJ Nick
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