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The new season of Sopranos

Discussion in 'TRIBE Main Forum' started by alexd, Oct 15, 2005.

  1. alexd

    alexd Administrator Staff Member

    Is it on yet or are they still howing reruns...
  2. deep

    deep TRIBE Member

  3. smack

    smack TRIBE Member

    I think they just finished filming the next season. So by the time all the editing and post production is done it probably won't be aired for another few months at least
  4. kmsmith

    kmsmith TRIBE Member

    I thought they were supposed to be on some sort of a long hiatus or something? Something like five years or something else ridonkulously long to that effect.
  5. moose-meat

    moose-meat TRIBE Member

    True , and I think I heard that the producer wants to do a 7th season as well.

    No doubt it will all be worth the wait.
  6. Boo

    Boo TRIBE Member

    I remember some insider on tribe has actually watched the 6th and supposedly final season of the Sopranos.

    Maybe do a search
  7. Buddy Holly

    Buddy Holly TRIBE Member

    The sixth and final season is due to air in March 2006. That was the last I heard. Really looking forward to this season!!!!
  8. tella

    tella TRIBE Member

    i'm still on the 4th season.

    ralphie just got called. about fucking time!
  9. coleridge

    coleridge TRIBE Member

    Last I heard the first four episodes are showing just after Christmas. Then there will be a break oif a few months and 12 more episodes will finish the series. But this was what I heard a few months ago so who knows now....
  10. Dr Trance

    Dr Trance TRIBE Member

    I remember reading that the next season would air next year (I don't remember if the article said January or September) and it was supposed to be the final season. Then I read that everyone agreed to do one more season after next year.
    I suggest you go to EW.com and search The Sopranos. They usually have reliable updates on all things entertainment.

  11. Buddy Holly

    Buddy Holly TRIBE Member

    Just under 2 million people watched last weekend's premiere of HBO's much-touted miniseries Empire Falls, so not many people saw the surprise appearance by Tony Soprano. It was during the premiere that HBO began airing promos for the upcoming season of The Sopranos, which finally revealed the date when the show will return. Don't start baking the ziti just yet: It's March 2006, nearly two years after the last new episode aired in June 2004.

    An HBO spokesperson confirmed to the New York Post that the Mob series would return next March, though she said the channel hadn't yet set a specific date during that month for the Season 6 premiere. The upcoming season is expected to be the show's last, though series creator David Chase hinted otherwise at a panel discussion last week at Syracuse University. ''It is possible,'' Chase said of a seventh season, though he insisted he still expected he'd be able to wrap up all the storylines in the sixth, which is still in production. ''It's just a question of whether the story works out creatively in six seasons, which I think it will. Then we probably shouldn't do a seventh.'' Of course, if there is a seventh season, fans will probably have to wait until sometime in 2008 to see it.

    From EW like the good Doctor prescribed!
  12. smack

    smack TRIBE Member

    from HBO's site

    08.23.2005 | Sopranos announces bonus episodes

    HBO announced that in addition to THE SOPRANOS' upcoming sixth season, which will include 12 episodes, HBO will produce an additional eight bonus episodes, to debut in January 2007.

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