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The New Nintendo Wii thread

Discussion in 'Technology' started by MOD ONE, Sep 5, 2007.

  1. MOD ONE

    MOD ONE TRIBE Member

    I was infromed that the Wii thread may have been deleted by accident lol. I tried to do a search for it, but couldn't find it. Just for good measure I have made a new Wii thread.
  2. Eclectic

    Eclectic TRIBE Member

    Good one.

    Yeah, the old one is gone.


    Should we re-post our Wii codes for those new to the Wii-Life?
  3. Bacchus

    Bacchus TRIBE Promoter


    Wii Thread is necessary!

    I just got RE4 back, and i'm playing with the special costume and full weapons.

    It's pretty fucking awesome.
  4. Cheer Bear

    Cheer Bear TRIBE Member

    Upcoming and just released Wii games:

    Bee Movie Game (Fall)
    Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock (Fall)
    Spider-Man: Friend or Foe (Fall)
    Tony Hawk's Proving Ground (Fall)

    Aksys Games
    Guilty Gear XX Accent Core (Q4)
    Hooked: Real Motion Fishing (Q4)

    The American Game Factory
    Code Lyoko: Quest for Infinity (October)

    Atari, Inc.
    Backyard Football (Q4)
    Dragonball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 3 (Q4)
    Godzilla: Unleashed (Q4)

    Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles (November) Zack and Wiki: Quest for Barbaros' Treasure (October)

    Crave Entertainment
    Brunswick Pro Bowler (August)
    Dave Mirra BMX Challenge (August)
    Pinball Hall of Fame - The Williams Collection (October) George of the Jungle (November)

    D3 Publisher of America
    Ben 10: Protector of Earth (Fall)
    Dragon Blade: Wrath of Fire (Fall)
    Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords (Fall)

    Arctic Tale (October)
    Balls of Fury (September)
    Garfield Gets Real (November)
    M&M's Kart Racing (October)
    Sea Monsters (October)
    Showtime Championship Boxing (October)

    Indianapolis 500 Legends (October)

    Disney Interactive Studios
    High School Musical: Sing It! (August)
    Hannah Montanna: Spotlight World Tour (October) Disney Princess: Enchanted Journey (November)

    Agatha Christie: And Then There Were None (November)

    Eidos Interactive Ltd.
    Lara Croft Tomb Raider: Anniversary (November)

    Electronic Arts
    Boogie (November)
    EA Playground (October)
    FIFA Soccer '08 (October)
    Madden NFL '08 (August)
    MySims (September)
    NBA Live '08 (September)
    Need For Speed: ProStreet (October)
    The Sims 2 Castaway (October)
    Tiger Woods PGA Tour '08 (August)

    Hudson Entertainment
    Fishing Master (September)

    Dance Dance Revolution Hottest Party (TBA) Dewy's Adventure (TBA)

    LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga (October)
    Thrillville: Off the Rails (November)

    Cruis'n (November)
    Game Party (November)

    LUXOR 3 (Q4)

    Namco Bandai Games America Inc.
    Namco Museum REMIX (TBA)
    SoulCalibur Legends (TBA)

    Mario Strikers Charged (July 30)
    Metroid Prime 3: Corruption (August 27)
    Donkey Kong Barrel Blast (October 8)
    Battalion Wars 2 (October 29)
    Endless Ocean (October 29)
    Fire Emblem (November 5)
    Super Mario Galaxy (November 12)
    Super Smash Bros Brawl (December 3)
    Mario Kart Wii (Early 2008)
    Wii Fit (TBA)

    O~3 Entertainment
    Crow (TBA)

    Bleach (Fall)
    Ghost Squad (Q4)
    The Golden Compass (December)
    Mario & Sonic at the Olympics (November)
    NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams (Fall)

    Avatar: The Last Airbender - The Burning Earth (October)
    Bratz: The Movie (October)
    Cars: Mater-National (October)
    Nicktoons: Attack of the Toybots (October) SpongeBob's Atlantis SquarePantis (October) WWE SmackDown vs Raw 2008 (November)

    Tomy Corporation
    Naruto: Clash of Ninja Revolution (TBA)

    My Word Coach (Fall)
    Petz Catz 2 (November)
    Petz Dogz 2 (November)
    Petz Horsez 2 (November)
    Rayman Raving Rabbids 2 (Fall)

    Valcon Games
    Ultimate Board Games collection (August)

    Crash of the Titans (October)
    The Legend of Spyro: The Eternal Night (October)

    Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment Looney Tunes: Acme Arsenal (September)

    XS Games
    Rebel Raiders (TBA)

    XSEED Games
    Victorious Boxers: Revolution (TBA)
  5. kuba

    kuba TRIBE Member

    Why in wiichuck was the old one deleted?
  6. Eclectic

    Eclectic TRIBE Member

    Zack and Wiki: Quest for Barbaros' Treasure (October)

    This game looks awesome!!!

    But seriously....enough kids games guys.

    Get some good bang bang stuff up for us 20+ gamers bitches!

    Hopefully those games are currently in development now that they've realised the Wii is outselling the 360 and PS3.
  7. Bacchus

    Bacchus TRIBE Promoter

    soooo much that i can't wait for....

    Mario Galaxy, Mario Kart, Rayman 2, Guitar hero 3

    Plus, seeeing GOOD quality games of the wii sports games that worked is awesome.... Tiger woods, Showtime Boxing, Brunswick Bowling....soooo much good shit.
  8. Cheer Bear

    Cheer Bear TRIBE Member

    Brunswick bowling is out. Read the reviews for it. :(

    I can't even explain my disappointment.

    Now what I'm interested in is "Hooked: Real Motion Fishing"

    Apparently a wireless fishing rod is being released!! :D
    Last edited: Sep 5, 2007
  9. acheron

    acheron TRIBE Member

    what's the deal with RE: Umbrella Chronicles? a whole bunch of mini missions?
  10. silver1

    silver1 TRIBE Member

    Think "House of the Dead" arcade game meets Resident Evil.

    It will fill in the story between RE1 - RE4
  11. acheron

    acheron TRIBE Member

  12. silver1

    silver1 TRIBE Member

    co-op multiplayer too :D
  13. DJ Doublecross

    DJ Doublecross TRIBE Member

    Goddamn I can't wait to get a Wii.

    One more month till my birthday!
  14. Why do they insist on releasing driving games for the Wii? I have yet to play a single driving game where the controls aren't completely unreliable or ass backwards and the wheel doesn't help either.
  15. MOD ONE

    MOD ONE TRIBE Member

    Only game I have in my Wii right now is Metroid, and the bosses in this game are insane!!! I'm on the pirate ship right now and they are some strong MOFO them Pirates errrrrrrr! I think I made it to one of the bosses on that stage I don't know the bosses name but she is a shape shifter.

    I love how you challenging this game is. I was fighting this one boss named Helios, and he made my one eye tear a little because this boss was hard... out of nowhere my one eye let out one tear lol. He had my eyes going all over the place and just focusing on this guy was hard, but I managed to beat him. It took me 45min of straight Metroid killing to take him down.

    I do agree that Nintendo needs to break more into the adult market because now is the best time to do that. I know a ton of my friends have the unit, and they're also waiting for more adult theme games to come out.
  16. Flashy_McFlash

    Flashy_McFlash Well-Known TRIBEr

    I think that, in the same way that Metroid is going to open the door to first-person shooters done the right way (I'm not looking at you, Red Steel), Mario Kart will do the same for driving games. Nintendo's first-party games tend to be the first step in figuring out how this interface 'should' work for the time being.

    When the third-party developers have some more time programming for the Wii, you'll start to see more innovation from them.
  17. I hear what you're saying with Mario Kart, and I do agree with you there. But Need for Speed and Excite Truck, while I liked their attempts at innovation, were hopelessly broken when it came to controls. With the more serious mood that Need for Speed has associated with it, I'm kind of skeptical that they'll be able to bring a playable, less frustrating set of controls for the Wii.

    And while I do agree with you on the Red Steel comment, I thought I was a good try for a first attempt. While the game isn't perfect by any means, I still like it better than most other FPS for other consoles.
  18. Flashy_McFlash

    Flashy_McFlash Well-Known TRIBEr

    I agree...Excite Truck and NFS definitely bordered on the unplayable. I would think that Nintendo will have to bundle Mario Kart with a new, better wheel or drastically change the driving interface. Then again, I didn't come anywhere close to foreseeing how perfectly Metroid's controls would work, so maybe Nintendo has something good planned for MK.
  19. Bacchus

    Bacchus TRIBE Promoter

    While playing RE4 i noticed i could purchase a new gun. I sold my fully loaded blacktail for a Matilda.

    Was that a mistake?
  20. silver1

    silver1 TRIBE Member

    Was/Is the Chicago Typewritter available for you to buy?

    If so then yes I'd say it was a mistake.

    Next to the Hand Cannon, (which only unlocks if you get 5 stars on all of the Mercenary Missions with all of the different charactes, so its uber difficult to unlock it), the Chicago Typewritter is the most badass weapon in the game.

    It costs $1million to buy so it pretty much involves selling all your other maxed out weapons to get it right off the bat. But with how badass it is, you will never need any other weapon again.
  21. kline

    kline TRIBE Member

    I want an Final Fantasy title on the wii if for nothing else to see all the gimicky things they add-on for the motion sensitivity... i truly believe that they could come up with some extremely frustrating puzzles with this.

    Metroid is going swimmingly thus far...
    *pushes right hand forward, grabs device, pulls back, twists, and pushes forward*
    Last edited: Sep 6, 2007
  22. kline

    kline TRIBE Member

    metriod prime 3 gamers-- i need your help and the walk-throughs i've found aren't helpful.

    OK-- so I'm in the Fiery part of the 2nd planet and it's just past the part where you see the ice hunter dude [colleague of yours] and you're in the big room with the ascending floor that you have to use your grappling beam on to pull the morphball track from each side onto the raised column.

    how the fuck do i get INTO that morphball track to cross the room? i've been trying this for 2 days of play now and i just can't see where i'm supposed to enter it. in the room with the platform on the left it looks like there's the track below the falling gel [the part where you had to pump 4x] but i can't get into it...

  23. faunty

    faunty TRIBE Member

    i was stuck there you for a long time,

    you have to call your ship to bomb the place - the infared night vision looking visor will give you a lock on the center device
  24. kline

    kline TRIBE Member

    different place a bit behind where you are i'm guessing. this is in the fire area, not the jungle... but i just figured it out-- i was trying to ignite the gel in the wrong place. i can't believe i missed that :O
  25. Bacchus

    Bacchus TRIBE Promoter

    Nah, i dont have the chicago typewriter avialable yet. I'm running through the game the second time and it was the only one available, other then unlimited rocket

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