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The new Mini!


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First one's came out last friday, haven't seen any around....yet

I want one...... simple.

Prolly in the summer. Gonna test drive one this weekend :)

BMW handling and suspension, cool looks, small car with lots of balls. I've been waiting for this car.... drool :p



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I saw a whole gang of them lined up outside plastique a few weeks ago

I love this car, I wish I could get one



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What's the sticker price on one?
I heard they they won some design award...they're damn nice cars too, probably great gas wise, and Tiny Cars>Big Cars in any city.

VW Golfs are still nicer. :p
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I've never even seen one.... but I know I'll be sold with the BMW handling and the super small design on the corners. Thats if I can get my hands on one.

I think this is a different thing than the new beetle, just feels better inside my heart. Got that "I don't look like anything but wait till you drive me feel"

the type S has 163 hp - more than my friends bottom of the line camero, but like 1/10 th the size. It would smoke his car :)


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Interior shot


Don't know if I like the centre speedometer though

P.S. Base Sticker Price is around 25 G's - not all that cheap I'm afraid
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i have less hair.

I am still 19.

better looking too.

never wear black leather jackets.


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I'm either going to buy this in the spring,when the 195 horsepower version comes out or the new mercedes(can't remember the model number).


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It's alexd's cousin Ferd from Lavalle.


"Mmmmmm.. poutine" <-- Ferd's one constant thought.


"Mmmmmm.. poutine"
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there's a really neat showroom for the Mini on King just west of Spadina. There are about 8 cars inside on the hard wood floor showroom -- you can test drive them on the mini race track upstairs.


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I saw 2 back2back on wednesday night, they looked pretty night, they're also not as small as the original, I didn't know they were 2tone the roofs are a differnet colour. I saw a baby blue one with a white roof and a grey one with a black roof... For the money why not just settle for a VW or Honda,

*note to buyer. Never buy the first year of a new model. think of it as beta testing.



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My friend is driving one right now. He's one of the first salesmen in Canada. he says they're fun to drive! :)


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Anyone who likes it a whole lot and has a marketing/communications background - they're looking for someone.
Saw it at marketingmag.com/careers and workopolis too - and i'm sure it's at the mini site too