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the new Inland Knights on Drop


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opinions anyone?

i personally think it is their best record they have released on Drop in a couple of years. beautiful, deep, funky, a little techy....future sound of house for me!

lovin it as much as the Hot Soup EP on So Sound. 2 different records, but equally good.


ps - you venchster, how long til you weigh in on this one?

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will be ordering it tonight or tomorrow.

right now I'm just blagging some tracks from a mate in England.

good stuff

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Originally posted by dj gboogie
What's the name of the track?

is this gboogie from london? if so, what's up g!

i'm diggin the "both ends" side (a) the most! sweet tune that has samples from an older pepe bradock record... definitely futuristic sounding house with the roots still intact.