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the new guy

Stop Bill C-10


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Hello and welcome to the land of the Broken Beats.

Won't have a chance to listen to your mix till I get home...but I'll give it a quick spin.

Tell us a bit about yourself.



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yes. I am also interested to know about all that is Bob Stone.

Please elaborate

any friend of Dylan's is a friend of mine:D
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bob stone

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i've been spinning since '97, breaks exclusively since '01,
i've kept a pretty low profile so far.
you might have seen me lurking around the speakers at system on a few occasions. but generally i don't get out to most breaks functions on account of work and my location (scarboro).
i've spun a couple of free techno parties and at wemf last year in the afterglow tent. would have been at wemf this year, but i was in halifax at the time.
dunno what else to say.

thanx for the friendly responses, guys!

bob stone

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what angus wants.......angus gets!

access psychotron-paul hamill--alternative route

the drum-soul of man--fingerlickin

musika-dylan rhymes--w9y

u know why(starecase rmx i think)-moguai--hope recordings

greedy-friendly--boombox records

(iforget)-(iforgetagain)-kelaidoscope records

base 6-chemeical bros.--distinctive(Y4K)


got to get busy-kraymon--freakaboom


sorry about all of the "iforgets". i can't quite remember those facts.
imo, it's ok to forget things when you know too much already!

DJ Stackelberg

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access psychotron-paul hamill--alternative route to the soul of man track

Wicked mix there!
Love how the bird chirpy thing in "The Drum" coincides with the bleep in access....
Gave me goosebumps.
Sorry, I just had to post that. :D
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