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The NDP is sending me emails about Feist


Staff member
I saw an email from the main federal NDP email address in my inbox the other day with Feist in capital letters in the subject line. At first glance, it appeared the NDP are awarding Feist the Queen's Diamont Jubilee medal or trophy or something.

Yesterday, I got another email from the NDP about Feist. I can't recall the party ever sending me emails before, and this is starting to look spammy. It smacks of jump-on-your-singer/songwriter-coattails-ism, and I have some questions about the entire NDP-Feist relationship.

1) Wouldn't it be better for the NDP if Feist is the one sending the emails out promoting the NDP?

2) When did the NDP get involved in music industry publicity?

3) When did the NDP get involved in promoting the Queen's medal givaways?

Surely they have some other accomplishments to hype....
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