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If Municipal and Provincial politicians like Mike Layton, Peter Tabuns and Andrea Horwath in Ontario's political ecosystem do not stand up and demand Ford's resignation, as thousands of Ontarians die, they are exactly like the opposition parties across history who sit on their hands and allow holocausts to happen. Is this not the right time
to stand up? Re-election strategy is not more important than lives. They continue to make excuses for their inaction, and they are mired in the calculus of prolonging their own political careers. This is a subtle type of pure evil that allows holocausts to happen. History is clear about this.

By not standing up they are complicit in this horror. They enable it. Think about that, the next time one of them shows up at your door looking for a vote.THEY STOOD BY INSTEAD OF STANDING UP.

We must all stand up together. Then Ford will leave. Or we wait until the provincial election (which the NDP has no way of winning) and possibly tens or hundreds of thousands of excess Ontario deaths.

The NDP has lost it's way.
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