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The Movie "O"


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Has anyone seen this movie? I thought it was terrible. The acting was flat, the story boring, josh hartnett is the face of the week in hollywood but that doesn't mean he can act. I wanted to turn it off half way through but I forced myself to the end. Well what were your thoughts?


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haven't seen it. considered renting it last week, and now i'm glad i did not. i'm generally unimpressed with full-out hollywood versions of shakespeare. They need REAL actors like Kenneth Branagh and Ben Kingsley (ie Twelfth Night) or Sir Anthony Hopkins (Titus)... most hollywood actors generally don't have the right schooling to interpret shakespeare, and many of them are just reading lines.


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I've walked by that film so many times at Roger's. It looks boring.
I hate to say it but... films aren't what they used to be. :D

And Josh Hartnett can sit on my face for all I care. <-- ambiguous, isn't it...

Remakes are always horrible unless the new director takes the story and twists it to bring more meaning to it. Like rephotography or collage work.


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actually, i kinda liked it. bit too fucked up for my tastes though. brian, you're just ambivalent.
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i was supposed to watch it when i was reading othello. im glad i didnt bother. but i had to suffer through the lawrence fishburne version anyway.

uhm ya

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Great idea, but the fucked the execution of the film

From the Ministry of it didn't help that it was held up for two years because of the Colombine Massacre in Colorado.

Prime Minister Highsteppa


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saw it a couple of nigts ago and it was alright,

i guess when watching a teen movie i'm starting to want either fluff (a la john hughes) or intense shit (a la kids)

this movie felt like they started with a really good premise but were afraid they would scare off more mainstream audiences if they got too deep into it.

they brought in a lot of factors that they could of played out for more value like:
-o's former life (he wasn't from the ghetto but did he have a drug addiction just the same?) and if he was really accepted at school
-julia stiles' roomate's story- was it jealousy, was she just a ho looking for love, or an idealistic teenager
-josh harnett's experience as a middle/lower class kid at a school of rich kids

yeah some of the parts were pure cheese- the soundtrack was soooo not happening and the dancing was pretty dry too, even for movie standards. but there was some good dialogue, o and stile's bed conversation and his closing soliliquy.

i'd say it's worth renting. not all style and no substance like one might suspect. especially if you've seen the original play put on and various (modern) adaptations it makes good food for thought