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the most rewarding..


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:) :) :)

so my nephew who is 5 is going to play t-ball this summer. ..

and he doesn't have a father figure is his life so my sister asked if i would teach him how to hit, catch, run, etc...

so it was a nice day out yesterday so we went out and played.

it was sooo self-gratifing teaching him these things, and seeing him improve!

and the best part was just before he went to bed he came and gave me a big hug and a card that he had made thanking me and it even had stickers on it!

ya it was a nice day, just thought i'd share :)


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awwww...your story makes me a big puddle of mushy goodness

you get a kitty


that's great joey. Have a lot of fun with the little guy and I'm sure that he's going to appreciate everything you have to teach him.

From the Ministry of I know you'll do good

Prime Minister Highsteppa


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Did you tell him you were going to throw a disc at him and make him back up forever until he was lost in all the trees this time?? :D

Hehe that's so awesome though Joey. Those kids are lucky to have you around, even though you do torture them. ;)

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That's wicked joey.
I know what it's like, my job is working with kids and teaching them sports and stuff. It's damn fun and great to see them getting a hit, or getting that first basket.


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wow joey, that's great! i know the feeling of teaching little kids and that feeling you get when they just get it, it's incredible.

and the card and hug must make it that much better.

way to go :)


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yup it made me smile

today while we were watching the simpsons he said that martin sounds like a reindeer..
i'm not really sure what that means though

and tin i dont even torture them :) they like standing in trees like that
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yeah well he is 5 years old and hhc is like listening to kids songs sped up to 180 bpm with a heavy kick drum, i'd bet he would like it for sure :)


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Originally posted by SUNKIST
so good Beans!
teach them how to spin hhc next so they can carry our records for us :)

weins, that's what MC PORK is for remember??

and jay.. YOU ARE!
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that's awsome Joey.. I teach drawing to kids, and seeing them learn new things and become more confident is truely a wonderful experience.

my fave is when they learn to make things look 3d on a 2d piece of paper. magic.


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maybe you can take him to a party some day and show him how to do his first 'bump'

hehe :D

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