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the morning after...

Buddy Holly

TRIBE Member
Some old, some new. Pm me with your mailing address and I can send you a hard copy if you are interested in giving it a listen. For those of you who soulseek : carnilinus. I really enjoyed making this mix last week even when I thought I was finished making them for a while. If you are swinging by Tempo on Saturday I'll have some copies with me so just look for me.


01) Matrix1 "Convextion" Matrix
02) Ridis "Is #10" Chain Reaction
03) Matthew Dear "Falling Away" Minus
04) Mike Shannon "Diegodankster" Kompakt
05) Thor "Aliens Don't Boogie" Missle 35
06) G-Man "K-4" Gema
07) Robert Hood "Minus" Tresor
08) Luke Slater "Expectation #3" Peacefrog
09) Matthew Dear "River Camping" Minus
10) Marco Carola "Submarine" 1000
11) Acid Jesus "Radium" Klang
12) Kooky Scientist "Cash Flow" Plus 8
13) Dj Apollo "Black Eye" Head in the Clouds
14) Fanon Flowers "WTC" Sonic Mind
15) Nicolas Valle "The Bass" K-Division
16) Tobias Von Hoffsten "Burner" Spirit Fuel
17) Marco Carola "Raid" Tech Community
18) Ian Lehman "Chapter 1" R.A.S. Records
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Enjoying this mix right now...(as I found it on another kick'in site ;) )
Very nice and deep_
some great classics too!
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Listened to this on a drive through the country last Sunday after Tempo. Deep sounds and smooth mixing -- definitely a nice mix to unwind with. :)
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Buddy Holly

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Hey Yah turdmuncher!! ;)

thanks for the cd's brotha just poppin' this bad boy in.... looks tasty!

see you soon bro,



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Really nice one L-T. Love the tracks and the mixing is as tight as ever. I've got a top notch collection from you.
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