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The MoFo Thread


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When I met Sunny, I have to say that it was his online persona. I think most of us on tribe have to say that: we met Sunny's persona online before we met him in real life.

A few of you then collaborated to help me meet Sunny in REAL LIFE. That was a good afternoon and a good evening. My thanks go out to you who are in the know.

AlexD organized a great party on the island. Sunny, who I should clarify is MoFo on this board, joined us for a great adventure on the liberal side of the Island. Along with a few other sexually liberal people on this board who I will not name lest they name themselves.

MoFo has an incredible amount of posts. He's like a posterboy for tribe now. I feel like he's the fish that's lost, some better person has caught him.

I have a rich databank of photos and MoFo/Sunny is included therein. In each he is as gentle, bitchy, sanctimonious, and appreciable as he is today.

Thanks MoFo, for being part of my degenerate lifestyle.

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