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The Misfits TV SHow


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Thanks glytch for pointing this show out to me.

This is a UK show about a group of delinquents who somehow get strange superhuman/superhero powers after they are struck by lightning by an odd fast moving thundercloud.

The vibe of this show is very urban London, from the graphics treatment on the title credits, to great music featured throughout. The characters are realistic group of youth with interesting conflicting personalities, who are just discovering and trying to come to grips with their new powers.

There is no American style flag waving superheroism here, just kind of a gritty survivalist.

I am nearing the end of the first season and as a SciFi buff I am finding it really quite good.
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Fun show, currently on season 4. Someone had recommended it here a few years ago, possibly in the Skins thread.


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The 'central character' a Mancuninan is quite good isn't he,
I think I heard either Him or the girl were indeed formerly in skins but not sure,

Myself I think their manager/social worker is my favourite

best episode 'the party' they get invited to
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Found it quite entertaining, until they started replacing characters, lost interest fairly quickly after that.