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the maw/kenny 'dope'/louie vega/maw appreciation thread....


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<< louie and kenny

<< kenny and louie ;)

now it doesn't take a rocket scientist (you surely don't have to be a 'head' or a dj) to recognize that these guys have been groundbreaking and inlfuential over many, many years producing countless dance music gems. whether you know their titles or not, chance are you've heard countless of them.

just a few of my personal faves (fuck there are so many of them now, original productions and remixes, i'm finding it hard to narrow it down to just a few louie/kenny/maw tracks)... anywho, some of 'em in no particular order...

dancing in outer space (atmosphere)
what a sensation (kenlou)
i can't get no sleep
deep inside (hardrive)
the hillbilly song
journey's prelude
sunshine (eol)
the bomb (bucketheads)
love and happiness

yours? your thoughts one arguaby the most prolific and influential duo/label in dance music today??

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soul fuzion - i got rhythm - kenny dope's mix
anything they've done ft barbara tucker, india, NuYorican Soul, arnold jarvis, blaze
afrocelt - release



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Kenlou-The bounce
NuYorican soul-I am the blackhole of the sun
Incognito-Always there
Ingognito-Nights over Egypt
St. Etienne-Only love can break your heart dub


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btw, kenny dope also has an azuli's choice collection coming out. LLV's was mighty fiiiiiiiiiine
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JOSHB said:

i love how they don't even have the lyrics right on jacket - ha ha!
dope tune.

anything kenlous is great - some older ones... mack daddy shoot, the around the world remixes... there's a ton.

i'll have to give this some thought!
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btw, elements of life is def one of the coolest live performances, i've seen them twice and it's truely amazing, don't understand how they havn't been here yet.


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Rude1_247 said:



This mix is RIDICULOUS.

DUDE SERIOUSLY!! When we listened to it at my place the other night I was already like, holy shiiiiiit.... but on my headphones at work? Transported to another planet!!

Tomorrow night is going to be sweeeeett!
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Louie's United DJ's of America (Vol II) CD was definitely one of the mixes that hooked me on house and DJing in general.

never forget the way he blended in "let me show you love" with the next track (can't remember), i was floored and used to rewind the tape over again to hear that blend..

maw rules


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TRO said:
song ID @ 84 minute PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rodamaal feat Claudia Franco - 'Insomnia' (buzzin' fly)

first time i heard that track i was floored. disgustingly good afro-stomper with smooth (portuguese) spoken word laid over the beats.

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