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The master of Badass @ system this friday!

Alex D. from TRIBE on Utility Room


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Technically it isn't Deko-ze's Mayhem night, you'll know when that is trust me!

This Friday is the third week of our locals highlight series, with Dj Hectate and Deko-ze.


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weather its official or not, mayhem follows deko-ze like children follow the dickie-dee!

who is DJ Hectate?


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Hectate was Deko-ze's choice, I'm getting the info from Mike today and it will be in the upcoming events forum.


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Ive heard LOTS of good things about Hecate, from friends who have heard him at Babylon to friends who have heard him spin in a living room.
If it was Michael's choice, TRUST. :)
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hrm..I am interested in coming out b/c I actually don't have to be up on saturday morning for once!!!!!!! :D :D

Now it is just a matter of braving the cold!! Bring it on!!