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The MAKEUP Thread


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Thanks ladies! I feel the same as you lucky, it's nice and light.

Tins, I think it depends on your colour, some of the girls did look orange. I think it might depend if you choose original or matte.


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could be the shade choice, I am pretty pale, so I never noticed an orange colour but if you have a darker skin tone I could see how the pigments might reflect back more orange.

Before I bought it I went to sephora and had a sample application, then went home and wore it the rest of the day to see if my face would get itchy, also to check out what it looked like in different lighting.


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I think Bare Mineral was the brand I used once before... looked great on the skin but turned up slightly orange in pictures!! I was horrified.
Btw, you're totally right.

I put on full coverage this Sun, holy crap I looked like an orange. It was too late for me to wipe it off and start again LOL.

I will only use the first foundation [golden tan for me] and Mineral veil.

Lesson learned!