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The lookit where I am thread (and arent you jealous)


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Ah yes, nothing like the warm ocean breeze in the middle of February......

Lets see if anyone can guess where I am

Pretty flowers....

And pretty european towns...

My brother and I...

Its not an island off the coast of africa unless there are hungry skinny dogs running around....

My grandma in a bannana grove... not sure what the symbolism is here, but I like this picture.

Towns, valleys, volcanoes, oh my!
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I know for a FACT that it is the canary islands (only cause you told me *S*)

I have to say- those pictures are amazing- ESPECIALLY the one of you and your brother, and the one of your grandma...- simply stunning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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I can just picture deep running from around the corner here in full Nazi deco, whipping a grenade in my general direction.