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The Littlest Groom

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oh whatever. do reality show plots still surprise people?

if anyone should get a reality show to find a partner it should be "little people" as they call themselves on the show. As many of them said, the dating world is a lot harder, as there are not as many people of short stature or of average/tall height who are accepting of people who are so short. If people want to take a chance like this to find someone cool then hey more power to them. As long as they're just taking it for what it is and not off in la la land expecting to find their Prince Charming.

personally i find the little dude quite attractive. who'd he end up picking?

what i find lame about this is not the show itself, but the fact that it only got two episodes while all the other bachelor/ette style shows all get full seasons. Hooray for diversity :/
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Booty Bits

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he picked the skater girl with long brown hair (who was also a midget).

i think this show is fucked because it basically created this dichotomy between women he could probably relate really well with, and these "average" sized women who were there as bait.
its all so contrived and humiliating.
like when he picked the midget over the taller brown haired girl with the fake tits, she was saying that she was upset because she lost, and it was especially humiliating to be rejected "by a guy that small."

that being said, it looks like they really like each other and i wish them all the best (re: the final couple)

the only reason i saw this was cuz my roommate and her friend demanded to watch it. please see: TV Shows You're Forced to Watch Alone.


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Originally posted by R4V4G3D_SKU11S
I just saw him hugging the one girl at the end.

Wasn't she the aggressive one, who said she was there to win??
Yup, that's the one... he got rid of all the good ones.


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watched the final show with a friend. quite ridiculous really.

all of these *reality* shows (IMHO) are about what people will do for a buck and a bit of notoriety....further showing how discusting humanity is.

maybe fox should have another show to see what stupid, demeaning or repulsive thing people will do for $20 dollar bill. wouldn't that be entertaining? i'm sure someone would sell their own mother for that.


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I was talking on the phone last night to a friend and they made me turn the channel and watch this. Jesus, I hate all these shows...but I watch'em.:eek:
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