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The Light at Turbo


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Well, how was it?
Did Sean Cusick play?
Was it good, medicre or jut bad.
I'm surprised that I haven't seen any reviews.

wasn't able to make it. Please fill me in.


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I didn't go either, but if anyone did i'd like to know how it went down.



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I got there just as the Light was starting... personally, I was disappointed with them. Now that doesn't mean they sucked, but I wasn't impressed. I felt their set to be all over the place with not much of a solid direction to it. I ended up getting tired and sitting down for the last hour or so of them.

Then BOOM, Blaze (To My Beat) came on. I bolted up and instantly felt rejuvenated. I looked up and now Deko-ze was on the decks. He played a superb set (as usual) blending in some great newer tracks (like Cass' entrancing Genesis) and gave me my third wind of the night with LSG - Netherworld.
Deko-ze, thanks for saving my Friday night!



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Yes...I'll agree that The Light fell below my expectations however I must point out that they played the week after Hybrid.
And it's been the general concensus among the Breathe faithful that Hybrid may have poossibly dropped the best set ever heard in a Toronto club. Definitely the best set in the past 12 months.
So it's a tough act to follow and anything short of their brilliant 6 hr. set is going to feel like a let down.
Anyhow...we've got a week to jam with this city's best resident DJs before Jimmy van M. invades!!!


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i wandered over to system after being out celebrating my birthday w/ a few friends...tried to talk them into coming along, but i guess systems not their thing & since we had been out since about 6 my sense of being reasonable & calling it a night was long gone...(so my apologies rentboy for my lack of coherence in our brief conversation)

got in (no line which was really nice) very quickly & didn't last too long in the main room...nice tunes, but as mentioned by crouse no real direction in the set...

hanging out in the back room, i was treated to some really nice beats, & i keep thinking to myself what a great vibe in there every week...but back in the front room around 5 or so deko-ze dropped a seriously sick set...banging, hard & he kept the place packed right til 7...was planning to head to the wabi 2 year next week, but fleas debut @ system on friday will probably change those plans (& hopefully bring out a few old faces from the industry days, i've been working on them already...

another good night & looking forward to the upcoming weeks @ breathe...great work again guys & gals...

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Well, I would agree with the above posts. The Light wasn't bad, but not great either. What made the night incredible for me was a number of things.

1. My riddiculous level of drunkenness. On two occasions this week (Derrick May being the other one) I have gotten, dare I say it, too drunk. No thanks to that memory erasing beverage REV and the shot friendly bartender.

2. I brought with me a group of about 6 friends who are not fans of dance music in general, and who have never been to System before. Well, they had the best time out in months, not to mention the fact that any of them will now allow me to drag them back on any given Friday - They were the funny looking group of people with the glowsticks at the front left of the main room by the DJ Booth. Nothing beats non-ravers dancing around with glowsticks havin a blast.

3. When I woke up for work the next day, I noticed someone had given me a tape they mixed. It's pretty good!

All in all, the fun level totally rocked even if the music was somewhat sub-par for breathe.




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That's funny, I enjoyed the Light. Although their tracks weren't really groundbreaking, overall I still enjoyed it. I haven't heard Killahurtz in ages.

Luke and Carlos were ripping up the backroom too. Really nice.


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Friday night was all about one thing for me...anticipation and ultimate orgasm - okay not quite - for Deko-ze to drop "Intensify" by Way Out West. I haven't been able to get it out of my head since hearing it a couple weeks ago. Knowing that I would be able to dance / listen to it on a club system had me in major anticipation. And the result... Devestating!

My shameless promotion of Way Out West now over. Thanks for listening.



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I was disappointed with The Light. But like MikeTwisted said, they had to follow Hybrid's standard setting performance. Good to meet Subsonic Chronic and Beaker, and Izzy, Coleridge, Gizmo, Fleaflo, Rentboy, and Highsteppa, always good to see y'all.

It must be said, Mark Scaife played ANOTHER wicked set. Near the end he started to drop some breaks, several tracks off the new Hybrid CD included. The guy keeps getting better and better.

Who else has fallen in lust with Vodka + Red Bull? Thanks again Ambarish.
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Subsonic Chronic

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It was nice to meet some of the faces that had only been names on the board up until Friday. Nesta and Mike Twisted, it was a pleasure. (If there were more, please forgive me, my intoxication was almost at a Beaker level that night)

As far as the music, I wasn't too into it, but that could be because I was expecting another Hybrid-esque performance, what an act to follow! But it was still fun... System rocks.



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I stuck to the back room once I heard that they were'nt playing live. I had'nt heard Luke and Carlos yet, and Giz told me that they is sweet. Damned they is sweet. Lots of crazy ass noise coming from the back room I loved it. Very Deep Dishesque at times.

Subsonic Chronic was pretty intoxicated. He kept on calling me Libradragon and pinching my ass. I notice he conveniently forgot to mention that...