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The Intercept


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There's far too much going on in the world, to start that many threads, where Glen, etc @ The Intercept, are blowing the doors wide open on so many different stories that everyone really needs to know and talk about.
I'm not really talking about you guys and gals here...i'm talking about the American Public.
I'm quite shocked that Glen hasn't been offed yet.
From Snowden, the Drone whistleblower leaks, to Venezuela's Oil, to the CIA, there's so much the genpop has no idea that's going on.
It's nice to see a high level of reporting that can not only be relied upon, but believed, and trusted.
It's sad that the majority of the American citizens trust Fox, CNN, etc.
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Big fan of The Intercept of course - though I do think cable news has its place, like, if you want to find out what the establishment thinks about things, it can be an interesting view into the rationales that drive them.

But you wouldn't want to consult them exclusively for your news!

It was Greenwald, Digby, Neiwert and a few others that helped encourage a more critical view of the MSM and establishment orthodoxy, using MSM clips sometimes as a centerpiece of their latest post. This one on The Intercept was a case in point - showing how "on message" the media is just naturally, without the need for top-down control.

That kind of thing creates a "chilling effect" so the news generally comes out in your favour without much need for meddling - and most major business and political entities have media channels they can rely on to be favourable to their message.

Anyway, The Intercept is a great antidote to "the usual" and well worth reading. Just too bad it didn't work out for Matt Taibbi there I think there were some growing pains in year 1.
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