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The ink is coming off my passport... Will the passport office replace it for free?


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I just noticed that the gold Canada crest on the front of my passport has almost rubbed off and it is only a couple of years old. Will external affairs replace it for free? It seems like bad printing to me.

I am kind of worried some country I pass through won't accept it because they might claim it has been damaged.. I know some countries won't accept a passport as ID if it has been bent or folded...
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Since it's a government document, nothing is free.

But I would recommend you replace it before you travel as many countries can and will deny passage if they have any questions or concerns with your documents.

Small price to pay for piece of mind knowing that your passport is up to date and clearly legible to all authorities.


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Im shocked that alexd wants to pass off his replacement cost to taxpayers instead of paying for it out of pocket - what about respect for taxpayers alex??


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there must be some type of contingency emergency fund that would be available for Alexd, that Harper hasn't pillaged yet.
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Anyone run out of space on their passport? Will Canadian passport office ship me another one outside of Canada?


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Where are you now? You'll have to apply for a new one at the nearest embassy/consulate.

New Zealand. Work travel has become retarded.
Consulate is just around the corner from me.
Good reason for a replacement, can get one of those smartgate ones with the chip now, thanks :)