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The Inevitable Wednesday Weekend Thread!

Temper Tantrum

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Now that university is done it's kind of cheating for me because every day till may 1st is weekend like :)

So what are you doing with this awesome weather?

Today - Hang out with Kyle during the day, do something fun with Blythe tonight!
Thursday- Finally get something done to my hair, then dinner with my friend Lori and http://www.cirque-eloize.com/ (New cirque de soleil show!) at night!
Friday- Work at Amnesty during the day, then I have plans but I actually can't remember what they are.
Saturday- SuperFunHappyDay with Hamza that will involve Scary Movie 4, alchohol, deep fried mars bars and other as yet undetermined superfunhappy things
Sunday- Go to xacutti for brunch then go up the CN tower with a friend who has never been!

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tonight: yoga
thursday: rehearsal
friday: nothing but probably making pasties and other arts and crafts nonsense
saturday: strutting in a fashion show with the burlesque troupe at the Funhaus... checking out Perdition the band that is playing
sunday: getting together with the troupe again to choreograph and rehearse the one off burlesque event for the Marijuana March launch/media party coming up in may.


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Tonight - muchly needed gym session
Tomorrow - nada
Friday - yoga then get started on the weekend of spring cleaning/sorting/general purging of stuff
Saturday - enjoy my first day where I don't have a 9am class!! wheee! gym appointment, spring cleaning cont, then a welcome party for babsteen's BF chez Poot
Sunday - continue cleaning and enjoying a special day with my special someone : )


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Thursday - Getting small birthmark mole on my face removed....FINALLY!
Friday - Smoke, smoke and more smoke
Saturday - Going to Waterloo to my best friend's place, smoke, smoke and more smoke..
Sunday - Relaxing! Maybe go rollerblading if it's nice outside

Ditto Much

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Friday get in car and drive east
Friday Midnight hit Chicago
Saturday early morning hit border to Canada
Saturday morning stop by moms place for surprise visit
Saturday afternoon back in Toronto hook up with sister and brother in law

From this point forth plans are incomplete

Monday morning leave toronto
Monday afternoon hit US border
Monday evening arrive back in Omaha
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Wed ~ dinnerdate on a patio somewhere
Thurs ~ 420 celebrations ...smoke, eat and drink til i pass out! also my bro's 31st bday:D
Fri ~ either going to see Escalate or KC's band..possibly both
Sat & Sun ~ packing, moving, spending time with my family and soaking up my last weekend here in toronto.


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Wed - One Tree Hill night followed by Elite-level Burnout:Revenge playing
Thu - Kids Drs. Appt, roofers coming, Ethan's 4th birthday
Fri - Sister-in-Law's birthday party - pre-drinks at her place, then to a resto downtown
Sat - printing sesh at Pikto for my upcoming photo show, extended family party for Ethan, canvas neighborhood stores for school silent auction
Sun - day of rest, housework, gardening


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2night: picking up a dresser ;)

2morrow: Massage at the Old Mill.

Friday: outfit shopping

Saturday: fuktechno :p

Sunday: chillin'



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Thursday - The round walk at church at midnight
Friday - Good Friday... exams in the afternoon then probably relax at home
Saturday - Going to a play to see my brother in law perform
Sunday - Easter celebrations with my family
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dang allie you're done?! I got a week and half left and then I'm hustling my booty to toronto as soon as I hand in my last exam

I gots a copious amount of studying and writing to do this weekend so its going to be a pretty boring weekend. Maybe dinner with the winnepeg girls before we part ways for the summer


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tOnight - maybe a bike ride, buy kitty litter, ANTM !!
Thursday - i dunno maybe ride my bike, buy a jacket
Friday - i dunno
Saturday - Maybe maybe.. Detroit !!


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Friday - 5 year anniversary dinner - going to Sidartha for Indian

Saturday - Gym/Saint Lawrence Market/Furniture Shopping/Concert

Sunday - A whole lotta nothing beyond some sweaty yoga and maybe tossing the disc if its nice/willing participants

The Watcher

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KillaLadY said:
Thursday - The round walk at church at midnight
Friday - Good Friday... exams in the afternoon then probably relax at home
Saturday - Going to a play to see my brother in law perform
Sunday - Easter celebrations with my family


Have you checked your Calendar lately?
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Subsonic Chronic

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All weekend - I have no clue because it's only Wednesday.

Might check out some Ultimate touring try-outs on Saturday but that's about it right now.


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tonight-gym, make nutrition plan
thursday-grocery shopping, laundry, gym
Friday- cloths shopping(need shorts and new sneakers, cause of decadence) Gym and hang out/drink/smoke.
Saturday- metamorphosing into a useless blob (hopefully in the sun)
Sunday-Gym, smoke and gorge myself.


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Thursday: Last exam!!! and then, no plans
Friday: Go upto St. Catharines to visit the folks and my Grandma
Friday Night or early sat: Return to Toronto
Sat: no idea
Sun: if I dont have a job to goto on Monday, I may just goto The Venue to celebrate the end of exams, as nothing on Sat is really catching my eye.
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Tonight - mopping.
Thursday - Rugby practice
Friday - nada.
Saturday - 1st rugby game of the season in Hamilton followed by "Bienvenue Frenchy" chez Poot.
Sunday - unsure, but will definitely involve some time well spent with my waaaaay better half :)


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R4V4G3D_SKU11S said:
Friday - 5 year anniversary dinner - going to Sidartha for Indian
awwwwwww congrats! (oh and yum Sidartha!)

Wed: going home now to eat and get stoned because no one's in the office and i'm bored so i may as well get baked and come back to work. then i'm going to dinner with 20,alma... mmm Shanghai Cowgirl burgers...

Thurs: try to find a better job, go to the gym (ABS OF STEEL!), have a late dinner with the D-man on College somewheres. (so many dinner dates this week! i'm so *popular*):rolleyes:

Fri: NOTHING. goddammit! baby girl needs to put her feet up. probably end up doing laundry. fuck. so fresh and so clean!

Sat: BLUE JAYS BASEBALL - gonna go scream at the team and then go to FW for Fabrice Lig...

Sun: i wanna do something with my balcony this summer, think i'm going to hit up Canadian Tire. (whenever i say Canadian Tire in my head, i say it with a really thick French-canadian accent cuz it sounds better that way)
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