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The Impossible Pickup

Dr Funk MD

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I once thought that picking up on the TTC was the most impossible thing in the world but today I was presented with the mother of all challenges.

I had an optometrist appointment today. I've had the same optometrist for my entire life but they've recently expanded the office and moved in a couple of new doctors. I got one of the new doctors AND SHE'S A TOTALLY CUTIE!

She kept complementing my eyes and was attentive to everything I said. I'm totally crushing on her. I got back next week for a follow up that I thought was completely unnecessary. I think she just wants to see me again.

So it begs the question... How does one pick up your optometrist?
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tell her "Iris-k falling in love with you"

then go WOKKA WOKKA WOKKA really loud so that the other patients can hear you in the next room. Women in labcoats love funny guys.
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make small talk... say something funny... gauge her reaction... if it's positive.. check the left hand for a ring... no ring(or maybe even if there is) just ask her out... easy peasy.

worst thing that can happen is she says no!

well actually I guess the worst thing that could happen... is she pulls out a large sword and chops your head off.. then kills your family... but I doubt she'd do that.
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