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The "I'm at work- But not doing any." Thread.


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I might have to go down the "girly pains" path... I think this might be a tough sell, though. I should run to the bathroom and splash water all over my face so that I look as if I've been sweating profusely.

Kevin- I *also* have to stay to lock up and forward the phone. Sonnofabitch.


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Originally posted by pr0nstar
"I've run out of tampons and fuck I'm bleeding like a SOB!"

And he should then proceed to let you leave :D
I'm worried he'd ask me to "prove it".


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Originally posted by finary
theres only 4 of us in the office today
and i have nothing to do, at all!

im trying to put the time to good use though...

- calling telus to get credit because of billing errors
- calling bell to complain about my phone not working again
- paying a few bills
- doing some online browsing/shopping

anyone have any other productive ideas so I can put this day to good use? as fun as tribe is, i cant see myself sitting on here all day doing nothing :)

I've been chatting with work mates all morning. But it is only still 11! It's cracky because on New years eve.. I had called one of my workmates and apparently left a VERY cracky message.. most of it was 20 seconds of me saying.. "it's all good". I think I'll ask him to play the message for me... then again.. maybe it is a bad idea!

I have to be here until around 6ish.

I have a bit of work to do.. so I think I am going to get those done quickly.. and then find other 'fun' productive things to do.
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Another person just left. In fact, the person who is supposed to cover me for lunch.

I am no longer impressed.


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Originally posted by vinder
ha, my boss comes in at 12. FIGURES.
Ha ha, my boss just left for lunch. FIGURES.

Which means it will be another hour (or two...) until I can plead my case to leave this damn place.

Two other guys in the back are both telling me to leave, and that they'll cover for me. Ha ha, they're awesome.
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