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The IGNORANCE that exists on this board.

Discussion in 'TRIBE Main Forum' started by Chiclet, Mar 11, 2002.

  1. Chiclet

    Chiclet TRIBE Promoter

    This is my last straw, I don't know about anyone else. I just have no reason to believe ANYTHING more than stupid can come out of this guy's mouth.

    Pest, you've tried to insult women and homosexuals so far with your blatant stupidity.

    Please, tell me what you think about Black and Asian people. Or don't, I'm scared to hear how ignorant you really are.

  2. kodos

    kodos TRIBE Member

    it's called bait
  3. PosTMOd

    PosTMOd Well-Known TRIBEr


    Gave the moron a second and a third chance. He won't change, and that's that.

    Meanwhile, we can feed his pathetic ego by making sure that he is mentioned a lot. Apparently, his whole existence is based upon being mentioned. Haha.
  4. mingster

    mingster TRIBE Member

    I think Wal-Mart was having a sale on troll food this weekend...
  5. Plato

    Plato TRIBE Member

    chiclet (and everyone else) do yourself and everyone else a favour, ignore him.
    either by yoru means, or tribe means.
    and stop quoting him, so that others wont feel compelled to stand up for what is right and just..as i am feeling right now.


  6. Jeffsus

    Jeffsus TRIBE Member

    are you sure?

    I was unaware that there be any ignorance on this board...

  7. Jeffsus

    Jeffsus TRIBE Member


    Stupidity cannot insult, only amuse.

    OLet us proclaim the mystery of faith.

  8. mystique0217

    mystique0217 TRIBE Member

    i had no clue who this pest dude was..cause i was missing the tribe board for weeks..
    and i should probably do not judge him from this thread which is the first post that shows something about him..


    let's go for pest' penis chopping!
    team tribe with bunch of feminist bitches!!

    i do not think he is good at anything as a man anyway.
    no need for pipi for pest.
    let's chop it off for a good evolutionary reason.
    but i would not want to touch it. thanks :)

    Last edited: Mar 11, 2002
  9. Rosey

    Rosey TRIBE Member

    marcia, pest/pro/marcoG/special k, whoever he is, is just trying to start fights and get a rise, it is way beyond ignorance, it is intentional baiting and asshole behaviour.

    just ignore him and he will soon get bored and go away, or overreact and get banned. either way problem solved.
  10. Chiclet

    Chiclet TRIBE Promoter

    profile ---> ignore

  11. tommysmalls

    tommysmalls TRIBE Member

    i think Pest is a manufactured robot entity to liven up the board - i have a hard time believing that someone could be so clever in coming with a name that is so suited to such a blatently moronic individual.

    i mean, all of his beefs are of the most non-sensical variety - sausage bars, female dj's, ordering groceries online.


    could anybody really be that dim? its inhuman.
  12. twist

    twist TRIBE Member

    you guys think he's writing all this in some grand scheme to stir up controversy or whatever? Uh huh. that would denote intelligence and I have yet to see an intelligent comment from this guy. In the fabulous words of Daze2 "NO time for toys" This kid is a toy, honestly simply by saying how much he sucks you are spending far more time on him than he is worth. If someone genuinly sucks the world will catch on soon enough. Spending anytime thinking about it is not only a waste of time for you, but everyone else. All you are doing is feeding the fire. I can't believe I'm even posting about this. If this guy is actually just trying to cause shit he fucking sux at it. Sure everyone's yammering on about him but over what... christ I mean I can go out and shoot some kid in the head but that doesn't make me a gang banger. You guys are giving him way too much credit. Homosexuals will all be burned alive in hell. All women are subhuman scum who are only fit for sucking cock. Uhhhh hello? Who the fuck cares what some douchebag thinks, I could spend the rest of my life standing up against stupidity but then I'd be just as stupid. Fuck em they'll get theirs in the end. Anyways it's just words... what the fuck does anyone care.

    PS Tribe sux
    (which incidently is why I have like 3000 posts...:D)
  13. Plato

    Plato TRIBE Member

    in order to reduce the embiggening of the attention whore ego, i suggest we only refer to him as "he who's name should not be said"

  14. PosTMOd

    PosTMOd Well-Known TRIBEr

    Thanks for that. A bit late, however.

    Next time, I want to be warned waaaaaay in advance.

    P.S. for twist: I agree with everything you just said.... noooooooo... my wooooorld is crumbling... nooooooo...
  15. Plato

    Plato TRIBE Member

    werd up twist :)

    p[l]a+0 <--now part of the 6k+ club :eek:
  16. twist

    twist TRIBE Member

    don't worry tmo its not actually me. it's bobby f from torontoniteclubs.lame;)
  17. swenard

    swenard TRIBE Member

    I think women are sexy!
  18. Guest

    Guest Guest

    jesus h christ

    it's a fucking message board on the fucking internet.

    I think a lot of people really need to stop taking this board so seriously, or find something more constructive to do with your time.
  19. PosTMOd

    PosTMOd Well-Known TRIBEr

    Like what?

    There is absolutely nothing more constructive than making fun of retards like Pest.

    I dare you to find something more constructive than that.
  20. PosTMOd

    PosTMOd Well-Known TRIBEr

    That is to say, something that doesn't involve strawberries.
  21. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Sorry Chiclet I think I am wrong on this one. I did say the music was good I guess just because I had a problem with track sellection I made it an issue sex issue.
    I am wrong the music was good and I do encourage other females to dj. They can bring a whole new element to our scene. I am anything but a racist, sexist or homophobe is you new me I am friends with everyone I do meet and never judge anyone by the colour of there skin or sexually preference.
    I do have certain views on subjects which differ from others but here I am clearly wrong!
  22. ADT

    ADT TRIBE Member

    I think Pest is AlexD..


  23. mingster

    mingster TRIBE Member

    You are hopeless Pest...why don't you just crawl back under the rock that you came from until you evolve a little bit.

  24. Adam Duke

    Adam Duke TRIBE Member

    I think Pest is AJ from the Backstreet Boys.

  25. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Awww...isn't that nice...he apologized.....now things can be all good again.......everyone forgives you!!

    Too bad hindsight is 20/20

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