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The "I almost got in an accident" thread


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I saw the streetcar stop in the middle of the road. I looked one way for traffic, and then I bolted for the stop. Unfortunately, the stop was not in the middle of the road but in the middle of the other lane. I didn't think I'd be crossing the other lane so I didn't look.

A truck coming on that lane screeched to a halt to avoid hitting me. The driver swore at me but he was allowed to that day.

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almost a daily occurrence. ppl dont seem to respect traffic lights, stop signs, the "2 chevron rule", or many other traffic laws.

The worst ive seen last few days was a black pickup with the dukes of hazard flags passing 2 bicycles, with 2 cars in front of them and I had to slam on the brakes and go into the ditch to avoid a collision. good times.

so I guess it wasnt the almost accident thread, the really had one! at least the bikes stopped to check if I was ok.

in spirit of thread, it seems like pretty much everyday on my country road drive to work, where i try to go 5 over the limit, either 85 or 65, someone will turn in front of me, with little room to spare, and no car in my rear view, I have to brake to a stop, so they can go 5 below the limit, and turn left at the next side road. reaaaal fuckin cool.


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a couple weeks ago, coming up to a stop light, that I know is a very short one, I had to let 3 cars go by the red light, so they could turn left into the tim hortons, and block the intersection, so I missed the green light, had to slam on the brakes, back up and missed the green light. good times!