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The Human Equine, WTF?

Alex D. from TRIBE on Utility Room


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why is it always fat, old, hairy, ugly people that wear the fetish gear and not the hot, busty babes that porn would lead us to believe?
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the funniest part is that that guy probably paid a lot of money to be treated like a horse...


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One time I saw this gathering in the park across from Bombay Palace (Jarvis and Adelaide?) that can only be described as a Whipping Class.

There was a teacher facing her students and teaching them how to crack whips.

What a bizarre sight to see. In broad daylight no less.
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I used to work at stars on king (on king st... duh)

anyways once a month a company called Adam and Eve would rent the second floor and have swap parties. they would come and mingle and crap for awhile, find a couple they like, and then go home with the opposite couple. they wore all weird shit like leather and boas and crap like that..

one time i was working the bar with this girl and one of the couples tried to pick us up. it was mega gross! the girl was kinda hot though, but the guy was grossarific...

i did drink after work with the girl bartender though
*just so you know*