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The How-To-Do David Bowie Lightening Bolt


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I want to do this lightening bolt on my boyfriend for the Promise German Sparkle Party...
wondering how to make it stay aka be waterproof. Was thinking about hitting up a MAC counter
but thought you ladies would have better ideas? :D xoxo

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Metal Morphosis

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our neighbours dressed their 3 year old as Bowie for Halloween. It was the best costume that I saw that night. I have no idea how they did the make up, but you're right - MAC should be able to sort you out. they'll do your make up for free - but you're supposed to buy $50 worth of product, which to be honest, isn't hard to do.


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If you don't want to go to MAC, I would search youtube. I can see on his face, there is a lot of contour/highlighting whatever, so you would have to be look at more than one video.

Here is an example:

I tried to pick the best one, but search and check it out yourself.
Did the same thing for when I was planning to do a sugar skull.
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