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The Hot Guy Thread

Hawk Eye

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Adam Van Koeverdan

I actually met him at work, not knowing that he was an Olympian!
Totally got foot and mouth when I saw him introduced at my senior vice president's all hands.. He was there to discuss RIGHT TO PLAY!

I was also so jealous when I found out the girls on my dragon boating team were training this past spring in Florida (i'm going next year) staying at the exact same apartment complex that he was in.. and seeing him out on the water every day! so lucky!



Dirty Girl

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Id tap Rob Drydek. A few times.

I'd probably tap Ryan Sheckler too, although he's a little more pretty boy than I like, so i'd just hit him once.
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Former pro rugby player turned straight ally and gay rights activist, Ben Cohen:

Sweaty after tagging you.

In a suit. Dandruff seems to be his only flaw.

Helping the gays.


Dirty Girl

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eeewwwwwwwww look at his gross veiny arm in that bottom pic.
where the big black veiny cock tag when you need it!


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You know, I think the reason we don't have as much cock in this thread, as the guys have cooch and hooch in theirs, is because it really is a bizarre looking appendage.

Don't get me wrong, I love it,.. but it does look like it was just stuck on there as an afterthought. :p

Dirty Girl

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ok the guy from vikings is fucking hot. and australian

long hair, short hair, slicing people throats, hot hot hot!!