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The Hot Guy Thread

dr. claw

I just rewatched "Stanley Kubrick: A Life in Pictures"- he looked pretty fly before getting fat and bald

Then again, I'm such a big fan I'd probably lust after him fat and bald all the same


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Gary Oldman as Dracula? Hottest EVER. I think Keanu Reeves was supposed to be the hot guy in that movie. Didn't happen though.


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Saw that this thread got resurected and tried to think who I'd contribute to it these days... So I went through the TV shows I've been watching lately...

Ok, back to work...

mitsuko souma

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Taylor Kitsch

aka Gambit from "Wolverine"

If I could put in an order with God for the perfect
male specimen, he would look like this.
I want to rape this guy all kinds